Sunday, May 27, 2012

Penguin Update - How to Overcome?

Since April 24th for many website owner and web masters the World has com tumbling down. The cause is the Penguin Update that Google has implemented in order to cut down web spam. Earlier Panda Update was a major update many versions of which have been implemented. 

From time to time Google unleashes these changes in order to improve the quality of sites on the top for the users. Most of these changes have come about through the algorithms but the Penguin Update is not one of them. It is more like a filter which checks for the web spam and qualifies or disqualifies the site, or on some instances lowered ranking may be the outcome.       

Though the update has created lot of flutter especially from those who have been hit badly. But there have been lot of instances where good sites have been hit as well. Well this could be due to that one or the other element on their web page which may have been qualified as spam albeit it may have been in place unintentionally.   

The finger clearly points out at duplicate content and too much formatting. Some on page factors like excessive use of H1 tag, bold tag, and  yes keyword stuffing. Websites that do not pass through a good seo may contain lot of search terms, which most of the web designers add out of impulse or lack of knowledge. Many web designing companies do not have content writers, hence the site contents are usually palmed off from a similar site on the net. Improper contents arise due to bad quality and cheap content writers. 

The Solutions

Hence the cleaning process would involve removing duplicate content, H1, H2 tags if too many and excessive internal links. Changing anchor text of internal links to natural and such that similar anchor text is not repeatedly used. There are many finer points to writing contents but that is for experts. You can write simple meaningful contents yourself which should be original and readable.

Ads: This is another issue that has come up in recent times. Your advertisements should be placed as such that they do not obstruct the contents or distract visitors in any way. The focus should not be selling advertisements or affiliate links but on creating a good website first.   

After you have worked extensively on your website then wait for Penguin Refresh or the spiders to do their work and improve rankings. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Adwords or Seo Campaign

Internet marketing is the buzz in business today. Be it a major company, a small firm or an individual website owner all wish for online presence. There are many options to achieve presence on the Internet but search engine optimization and Adword are most preferred. 

For business owners and the well to do I would suggest use both. The search engine optimization is a time consuming process hence in the initial stages you should take help of paid campaigns. Once your site starts ranking well you can reduces your budget for paid ads. 

Website promotion exercise leads to positioning in SERPs on targeted keywords. This is also know as organic search and is visible on the center of the page. Google Adwords are placed at the beginning of the result page usually in a light pink background.      

Adwords is a well organized and effective marketing campaign. The system is totally automated and delvers your ads on targeted search term. Seo is part of Internet Marketing campaign and can be extensive. It is a cpc campaign and charge is to be paid per click. The per click charge depends upon your bidding and hence certain level of expertise is needed. By controlling your bidding you can control your ad cost.

Here is where search engine optimization plays a role. If your seo campaign has been successful and your portal ranks on many keywords that means traffic. Using Adword campaign effectively you can take greater benefit.. If your site ranks on a good search term on first page than you do not have to place your ad on that keyword on first page, hence bid lower. 

Search engine optimization generally costs but paid campaigns may cost more. Geo targeting is essential if you wish use your ads effectively. Exclude countries in your cpc campaign  that are not targeted for your business and services. This will stop waste age of precious resources. 

Secondly try to use keywords that are effective but your website does not rank well on them. This way you will be able to increase keyword range of your website. There are lots options for placing ads in specific areas and portals as well.   A good adwords campaign management is necessary in order to meet your target.       

Hire the best seo consultant to manage both campaigns. You could also get some discount perhaps. Both the service strive to increase traffic of your site in relevant search terms. This would mean new customers for your products and services.      

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Social Networking: How To?

In spite of the popularity of the social media or networking sites many users are still in dark about the potential the Social Media online. The basic interface of the social networking portals is simple to use but advance usage requires some knowledge.  

Before going into social networking deciding what you want from the activity helps a lot.

Do you wish to make friends?
Do you wish to connect with family and old friends?
Do you wish to make business contacts?
Do you seek information online?
Do you wish to propagate ideas, thoughts or beliefs and ideology?
Or any other purpose that you deem fit worth exploring on the Social Media.

Once you have finalized your goal look for social networking sites online on the Net. Going through the site will help you discover the niche and popularity of the website. Find out what the site delivers best. This can be done by visiting and exploring the site in order to find out its character. Read online reviews and articles. You can also visit forums on social networks and read discussion or inquire from members about the site. More so find out the member base is it growing or stagnant. A new social networking site would have fewer members but the numbers would grow in regular intervals.           

Once you have finalized the site join it. Register as member and create a profile. Your profile should be detailed, descriptive and appealing. Add your photo members without photos appear untrustworthy online. If the option to link to your site or blog is there than you should?

Once you have become member than begin exploring the activities online. Read about and explore the functions that the site offers. Once you have gained insights to the site become a part of its online activities.  
One basic aspect of all social networking sites is feature to connect with other members. There is an option to invite friends and family members as well for more personal inter connectivity.

If your are interested in searching for friends, business connections or professionals etc than there is an option to search. Use it using the right keywords like males in India or females India or handicrafts suppliers etc. The search option may or may not give you many options so you have to search within the limitations.
Once the results are drawn you can carefully scrutinize the profile and then request for friendship. After approval you will become online friends.

Similarly you can join groups or online communities matching your interest or profession. Clicking on the groups’ link will fetch you online communities by category. Joining a group is good way to connect with like minded people. It is good for promoting your profession or business to targeted audience. There are interesting articles and blog entries in the group pages where you can gather information or disseminate.

Some sites offer forum feature for discussion these are valuable for information gathering, advice, tips and tutorials. All these features if you utilize properly will give a good community feeling online.

Many niche sites offer free photo hosting features where you can upload your images. Similarly you can upload videos in order to preserve, store or share them online. 

Social networks offer good opportunity for website optimization and Internet marketing. The virtual communities are good for promoting one’s business and promotion a valuable Internet marketing input. To succeed in Internet marketing one needs skills and experience.

Hence these portals are multi-purpose tools and tremendously interactive. Many new sites with advance features are being uploaded on Internet periodically. Discover these sites and expand your online presence.    

Sunday, January 15, 2012

How to Blog?

Blog is one of the most useful tool that has come in recent times. The weblog as the blog is called is a short of personal diary and is an account of one's experience. The blog do contain information articles and news items as well.

The blogsite is an interactive platform and is easy to use. For example you have to first create and account with the service provider. One such service provider is blogspot for which you need gmail to create and account. 
You can either type the url or search in google using keyword "blogspot".

The Url is

Another way is to click on the right side of the Google search result page. There is sign in written on the top right click on sign in. Once you sign you can add blogger services to your account. Going through the URL is best for first timer. 

Once you are at the blogger interface look for options. Select the New Post option or Write a Post option to enter the platform. Here you can type in whatever you wish to write and from the options on the top you can add photographs and use the editor to format your text. You can also add a link to the sites which are relevant to your content and add information to it. You add too many links your blog will become a  spam blog hence be very careful. Write for the users.  Once your entry is complete you can click on the publish button to publish your entry. 

Other options: While you are writing an entry you can frequently use the save button to save your work. Your entry will be saved a draft. Once it is complete you can publish it. 

There is an option for adding keywords on the right side of the writing surface. You can add keywords that describe your contents. Similarly you can location search to add the position on which your write is based. These will help the search engines place your blog better on SERPs.

Preserve the user name and password that you have created to open and account with the blogger.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Social Networking make most of it

Social Networking has created a new paradigm amongst the humans to interact with each other. The sites offer a platform to meet and mingle.  The online communities engage within with each other in order to converse on topics close to their heart. 

Social websites offer diverse benefits apart from friend connect. If utilized properly using social media utilities the platform can yield rich dividends.  One can promote one's profession and business with effective usage. It is a smart strategy which costs little.  

Using social media and useful content one can promote himself or herself in topic related circles. This is where one can highlight one's objective already having popularized one's skill using the social media. 
Facebook has already shown how potent a tool it can be for promoting one's objective and goals. Making a large member base helps one to target more potential clients, advertise one's wares, find buyers - the benefits as limitless. 
Publishing content is the key to success. Content were social media has been used effectively. There are a large number of networking website where one can promote oneself effectively. Most of the sites are free but membership fee has to be paid in some niche website which cater to a specific topic. Before paying for membership one should utilize the free option in order to get the feel of how strong the platform is.   

Friday, January 13, 2012

Incorporate Social Bookmarking in Seo

Albeit social bookmarking is for storing your favorite sites, blogs, article and social  media you can benefit your seo exercise through it. The bookmarking websites are not just hanging place anymore. The sites offer a search capability that makes you website or content accessible to reader. They can be found by another user. You can make your link private if you do not wish others to access them. but keeping it public is a good choice if you wish to proliferate your content on web.

The most important gain is that your word spreads and your article is indexed faster by search engine. If you look at your browser you will find a bookmarking tab use it and you will know quickly what it is. This tab helps you to bookmark your favorite websites and blogs hence you do not have to search them every time.   

The professional bookmarking sites offer much greater features and when you submit the link to them use tags that describe your content. There is an option to place the link is a related category do it.  This way all your related links will be marked topic wise. This will increase the search potential of your links and hence the exposure. Backlink benefit is less through these sites as they are no follow but nevertheless do not ignore these sites in Internet marketing campaigns.

Another benefit you get is connectivity with like minded people who begin to read your bookmarked content. They enroll as you friend or fan and have access to your bookmarks. Thus you get a constant readership of your content articles and blog entries.  

Friday, January 6, 2012

Metrics that fetch gain

I was reading one of the blog entries on Google Web master Blog and it rightly advises one to concentrate on the following metrics.

Conversion Rate: Every website has a goal or set of goals. When the visitor fulfills this objective then it is a successful conversion. A conversion could be inquiry generation, newsletter sign up, joining a mailing list or making a purchase.  Information transmission could be another purpose which if good should increase viewership. Hence the number visitors who convert from the total number of monthly visitors is your conversion rate. The higher the ratio the better it is for your site.

The conversion rate depends highly on trust creation on your website and brand building. The contents also speak a lot and so do your images. I prefer active images on many instance. The website is a composite unit hence all the factors should be looked into and enhanced with passage of time.

Bounce Rate: Is simply visitors not spending  reasonable time on site neither moving from on page to another. Visitor spend time on your site if they find it informative or useful in relation to your query. Another reason could be improper focus of your contents. Do not target irrelevant search terms or less important search terms. If your travel site targets Khajuraho and not enough data is there for the visitor he will immediately leave your site increasing your bounce rate.  

Make your  content interesting and add suitable images. Your content has to be highly relevant to the topic of the site. 

CTR or Click Through Rate: This simply means how often your website is chosen from among the search results every time the page is downloaded on the browser. To improve your CTR look at two things:
Your Title Tag
Meta Description

All the metric can be analyzed in the analytical tool offered by Google. 

With experience you can learn to tune in your title and meta without loosing your rankings. The views expressed here are my own. 

Page Rank What it is?

Contrary to belief PageRank does not refer to the web page it is named after Larry Page the co-founder of Google Inc.  along with Sergey Brin.  

PageRank is analysis of links pointing to a website the value is derived from the weight of set of documents that contain the link.  It is a complex algorithm which contains many other factors as well. The links on the WWW pointing to a webpage are seen as votes for that page. Hence if a link from page A points to a page B it is passing a vote to it. But the whole webgraph comes into the picture when according a rank.

The PageRank metrics of all pages that link to a webpage are taken into consideration. The pages are ranked from 0 to 10 of which the highest rank 10 is assigned to the most authoritative site. It is believed that page rank does not influence the position on the SERPs since ranking on SERPs depends upon the response to the query. What  that means that how relevant is the webpage for the query. 

The rank is how Google looks at the webpage or website. It is also a value system on the WWW especially for those seeking backlinks and those interested in a link exchange scheme. To the average visitor this ranking system is unknown but for some it creates trust and authority.  The actual ranking system has not been disclosed. 

The PageRank is subject to manipulation this can happen by participating in dubious link schemes and paid text links.  Being a trade secret it is difficult to know how the leading search company determines to penalize as website.

The rank as shown by the Google Toolbar is only a rough guide to what the search company actually has determined. Google updates the rank of the website only few times a year. For greater information read the Google Web Master Central Blog.  One of the blog entry advises web master not to look at this ranking system as sole mertic for the success of a website. 

In short this system is just one of the factors in rankings on SERPs. One need not be much concerned with it. I use this system more as a yardstick in order to create a more authoritative website. What matters on the search side is relevance. 

Schema what it is?

Schema are html tags that are recognized by all three major search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing. These tags are in reality guide to content pages for search engine and help improve search quality. On Page markup help the search engines to better understand the contents or topics especially in case of large data base driven sites or sites using CMS. 

Almost all web masters understand the importance of H1 tag that specify the importance of a particular topic related to the page. But deeper meaning is not delivered by the H1 tag alone.

Hence people may understand the meaning of the word or semantics. But the search engine may not understand the exact meaning often. Hence specifying you web page content using microdata and vocabulary will help in getting better indexing on SERPs.   

The HTML tags here simply provide greater and exact meaning of the keyword or web page contents to the search engine. For better understand please click on the link below:

The Schema website offers good information as to the importance of microdata and how to include tags using the vocabulary. .

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Is your site being crawled

In the initial stages it is very important that the search engine bots have access to your your contents. Website design should incorporate simple programming and server side includes. Frames and Flash do not work best albeit google bots can now fetch and retrieve readable data from such sites.   

Another issue is between http:// and www version of your site. This can be corrected simply by using the webmaster tools and verifying the site. There is an option for which version you prefer set you site to www version since it is more widespread. If you do not do this than you will not get full benefits of promotion if you linking to www version.  

Problem with your website's crawling can be detected in the webmaster tools as well. Use the function fetch as Google bot. There are other functions and parameters that can be set according to your preference. There can be several issues at your hosting site one that needs mention is server load which can result in time outs and lack of connectivity. One also needs to renew the domain in time. It is better to renew your domain for more than three years which will make your website more stable on the net.

You have to choose your web hosting carefully. The site retrieval should be quick and it should be protected against malware and virus. If your website is hosted on server with large number of spammy sites then chances of action being taken on whole lot increases.

Using the Google webmaster tools to safe guard your site performance should be a regular activity.  

Monday, January 2, 2012

Sound Link Architecture

Lot many on page factors are taken into account for ranking purpose. A sound link architecture benefits not only in search engine optimization but  in the site usage. When the visitors are easily able to find what they are looking for then the site has a good architectural back bone. Most often web designers are not able to understand the importance of pages hence this should be more of a teamwork along with the owner, content writer and the seo. .

I consider site architecture as the next important step after content creation has taken place. I normally create a three tier architecture keeping the most important pages in the root directory. The second tier pages would link to a topic specific directory and another set to pages would link to directory of related topic on site. Example wildlife and birding. This way effective silos are created which helps in ranking on SERPS.

The articles will come in the third tier linked to topic specific pages only. Hence birding articles would only be linked to birding specific pages and same manner for pages covering wildlife topic.  

Your website architecture should place contents in hierarchy they are meant to be in.  One need to surmise how the visitor would move through the contents. Visitors do not spend much time on the website if they have difficulty on reaching the right content.  Hence the site should have relational pages which are well linked to main page this is not well defined in sites with door way pages. The relational pages should be linked with more content which is highly relevant through web page, pdf files or doc file etc.   

Some highly relevant but deep linked pages could be crossed linked if you presume that after reading this page the visitor would like to refer a related page.