Friday, January 6, 2012

Metrics that fetch gain

I was reading one of the blog entries on Google Web master Blog and it rightly advises one to concentrate on the following metrics.

Conversion Rate: Every website has a goal or set of goals. When the visitor fulfills this objective then it is a successful conversion. A conversion could be inquiry generation, newsletter sign up, joining a mailing list or making a purchase.  Information transmission could be another purpose which if good should increase viewership. Hence the number visitors who convert from the total number of monthly visitors is your conversion rate. The higher the ratio the better it is for your site.

The conversion rate depends highly on trust creation on your website and brand building. The contents also speak a lot and so do your images. I prefer active images on many instance. The website is a composite unit hence all the factors should be looked into and enhanced with passage of time.

Bounce Rate: Is simply visitors not spending  reasonable time on site neither moving from on page to another. Visitor spend time on your site if they find it informative or useful in relation to your query. Another reason could be improper focus of your contents. Do not target irrelevant search terms or less important search terms. If your travel site targets Khajuraho and not enough data is there for the visitor he will immediately leave your site increasing your bounce rate.  

Make your  content interesting and add suitable images. Your content has to be highly relevant to the topic of the site. 

CTR or Click Through Rate: This simply means how often your website is chosen from among the search results every time the page is downloaded on the browser. To improve your CTR look at two things:
Your Title Tag
Meta Description

All the metric can be analyzed in the analytical tool offered by Google. 

With experience you can learn to tune in your title and meta without loosing your rankings. The views expressed here are my own. 

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