Sunday, January 15, 2012

How to Blog?

Blog is one of the most useful tool that has come in recent times. The weblog as the blog is called is a short of personal diary and is an account of one's experience. The blog do contain information articles and news items as well.

The blogsite is an interactive platform and is easy to use. For example you have to first create and account with the service provider. One such service provider is blogspot for which you need gmail to create and account. 
You can either type the url or search in google using keyword "blogspot".

The Url is

Another way is to click on the right side of the Google search result page. There is sign in written on the top right click on sign in. Once you sign you can add blogger services to your account. Going through the URL is best for first timer. 

Once you are at the blogger interface look for options. Select the New Post option or Write a Post option to enter the platform. Here you can type in whatever you wish to write and from the options on the top you can add photographs and use the editor to format your text. You can also add a link to the sites which are relevant to your content and add information to it. You add too many links your blog will become a  spam blog hence be very careful. Write for the users.  Once your entry is complete you can click on the publish button to publish your entry. 

Other options: While you are writing an entry you can frequently use the save button to save your work. Your entry will be saved a draft. Once it is complete you can publish it. 

There is an option for adding keywords on the right side of the writing surface. You can add keywords that describe your contents. Similarly you can location search to add the position on which your write is based. These will help the search engines place your blog better on SERPs.

Preserve the user name and password that you have created to open and account with the blogger.