Monday, January 20, 2020

Internet Marketing Using Social Media yo

Well that's not it! 

Social Media is integral to a larger Digital or Internet Marketing Campaign. It is one of the component very much dependant upon the campaign you have designed as an online marketing strategy.   


The campaign begins with search engine optimization of your client's website or blog. SEO is essential especially if you are aiming for an Adword Campaign or PPC. This exercise will make your property rank high on many keywords. The presence on SERPs is relatively cheap, and you can eliminate the ranking terms from the costly PPC campaign.  

Search engine optimization will trim your site to make fit and responsive which is an imperative in this era of smart phone. SEO will also lead to engineering of your contents, link architecture and URL naming which are attributes necessary for ranking high on the Internet. In short you will have quality landing pages with a strong ability to convert. 

For ranking purpose search engines now include diverse metrics some of which are as a result of technical excellence of a site and the social signals that are being generated. Hence online reputation is a double edged sword facilitating optimization efforts and marketing as well.   

When you are promoting a company or marketing brands or services the main focus is generally on the website. The website is the owner's end point for conversion...the ultimate aim of all those interested in Online Marketing. 

Content Creation 

In rare instance the end point could be the FB page or a twitter handle or a linkedIn profile. But as I have mentioned above all netizens with commercial interest, for propaganda and awareness campaign have a website. 

One most important aspect for being live on Social Media is creating contents inform of articles, blog entries, info graphics and of course the ubiquitous video. Hence you should be good writer, videographer and designer albeit the last to can be obtained from professional managed services as well. 

Marketing Channels & Social Media    

Facbook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Instagram: Pinterest: Reddit: UGC........... 

You can fulfill your goal on one marketing channel using single platform. But this not advisable in this vast sea of humanity online your efforts will probably get lost.  Using multi-platforms to create contents and then publishing them on number of social networking media sites, bookmarking sites and niche online communities is absolutely necessary.

This means there has to be a constant reputation building on platforms you are using on the Internet. Simultaneously you should be fortifying your own blogs in order to prepare flatforms for authoritative link building as well as to create a reputation. Hence those who seek to use available platforms without fortifying their presence will end up as miserable failure.

Local SEO

Local presence is achieved by submitting details and location to native directories, classifieds and websites. Blog comments and presence on forums will also help in gaining traction online. In moderation these actvities will lead to higher rankings and web saturation. GoogleMyBussiness is a must inclusion for local ranking and social promotion.

Remember link building is advertising of shorts even the nofollow ones. Apart from increasing  the domain authority it is an excellent means of creating referrals.  

Internet Marketing demands consistency as well as being persistence to push your message widely in order to make your presence felt.  As I said earlier social signals count in ranking on SERPs as well as heighten your marketing online. It is worth getting all the likes, comments, conversations, messages and whatnot which signals your popularity on that medium and hence optimizes the associated site for ranking of SERPs as well as becoming more and more noticeable.   


Another option is to push your content to the targeted niche on social media but this cannot always be the case since Internet Marketeers themselves are not in any niche except that which relates to their profession. The client's niche will certainly differ as professionals earn their keep by working on diverse topics.      

Only the professionals, companies, experts and their likes can create a niche following using their own account. A doctor and can have a following related to his practice and a company can have a following related to its brand, products or services. But you as an SEO OR IM expert will be followed by people only interested in your services.  


If you are good at blogging then you can maintain multiple blogs or use your client's blog if he or she has one. But if you have been writing and maintaining  multiple blogs on different topics and have done well you will be able to get good links and attention from the niche that follows you blog. Relevancy counts!

Blogging can be an excellent object of conversation and hence a promotional tool. It is at the forefront of reputation building online and an ideal platform to boast achievements, display products and features and the associated product related news.

Like videos and info-graphics it should be prominently linked to your relevant website and profile pages.

Diluted efforts or spam on the media can have disastrous consequences hence always stick to quality. 


PPC is another means of marketing using a paid channel, it is usually big budget but can be effective.  Established business and start ups utilize this channel to highlight, create brand awareness and convert using well designed landing pages and well executed campaigns. 

Listening & Analyzing Insights

Social Media marketing is fine tuned using features meant for the appraisal of your efforts and analytics that state the direction a campaign is heading. Thus search console and Google analytics have become indispensable tools for marketeers on Net. 

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Friday, December 20, 2019

SEO Audit: Status Codes & Redirects

What are status codes? A server response to browsers request!

Whenever you query using a web browser you get a response from a server which is usually a web page which the search engine algorithms have indexed and ranked and the reply is a fitting acnswer to the query. In most of the web browsers you get ten answers as web page.

If  type a web page URL on the search column of the browser you will see the page if it is active. But if the page does not respond you will get a status code detailing the status recieved from the server. This is the response code or status code we are discussing here.  You will on most instance not notice the code..

Types of Status Code

200 OK - Everything is all right please here is your page.

301 Redirect Moved Permenantly-   Page has moved permenantly to another location or URL. This is often used whence the URL or domain has changed and the link value of old has to be transferred to new. This is a useful redirect for SEO consultants whence dealing a change of their client website. The 301 redirect code is usually set up in the server to direct the search engine bot to new domain or Webpage. The coding differs depending upon the server type.

*Note in case the hosting server is changed than this is not applicable as the domain IP Address and Hosting Server IP Address are clubbed together.

302 Redirect Moved Temporarily- In this case the page has been temporarily for perhaps a short period of time.

401 Status Code prevents entry of the visitors and requires uername and password

403 Status Code prevents entry by all means.

404 Status Code this is a dead end code and used whence the webpage exists no more. The status is uncertain unlike in the case of 410 Status Code whence the server nows that this page is no more.

500 Internal Server Error something wrong at the server end.

503 Service Unavailable when service from server end is not available for some reason.

There are tools to check status of response besides online services.

check response code 

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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Understanding SEO Audit - Indexation Using Search Console

Seo audit is the latest buzz word in search engine optimization. This is an exercise to uncover various aspects of a website slated for optimization and performance on Social Media and SERPs.  

For those interested in deeper functioning of their website it is imperative to subscribe to Google search console and link it with Google analytic. This is a comprehensive window to site functions and analysis in an easy manner no tools are required just an alacrity to regularly visit these widgets and get appraised about site and hence your SEO performance. Those seeking search engine rankings using these widgets will be deeply disappointed for some reason these are not comprehensivly available on the analytic tool but a brief could be found out in the search console if it is linked with the analytic tool. 

This activity is part of Search console where in you get a comprehensive account of how your pages are being indexed by the search engines.  In the console you can even check indexing of whole website or individual pages using the fetch option. Another advantage here is that you can check all pages those even banned using robot.txt file. 

Another option is to use site search operator = this is useful if your site contains less than five hundred pages.  

There are additional tools and services which enable checking this important aspect of website performance hence your SEO efforts. Plugins and bookmarklets also perform this task. 

Search engines keep on visiting the sites in order to cache and index for ranking purposes. If your site is not properly indexed you would lose in ranking. Hence always make sure that  your site is better crawled and no script or faulty programming acts as a hindrance. Whence using the robot.txt file rad well.
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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Video Marketing As Company Strategy

Not only search engine optimization but social media marketing has accorded an amazing boost to generate traffic online. Hence video is a social  media tool which most people and companies think are for entertainment and nothing else. Well Wrong! Anything That Entertains Can Promote!

Utilized properly this amazing online media can be used for both b2b and b2c strategies. It all depends upon how the media is made. A company usually makes one for the purpose of advertising like in any other medium. A regular stuff that you are familiar with on the cinema and TV screen.

But what we do not realize, videos are limited by time, well to  great extant since readability in contents also applies here and can be termed as watchable. Very long ones may not engage visitor's attention until unless it is a movie which cannot be a part of company strategy. Keep the limit to 2 or 3 minutes. 

Hence this article calls for a diverse production efforts. Make videos for separate purposes, one solely meant for advertisement, another meant for the company's uniqueness detailing especial processes, another for highlighting company's stress on quality, or any other aspect that fortifies the brand. Case studies can also be presented online this way.

Company stories filmed in an engaging manner best high light the corporate culture and create trust among the visitors and yes subscribers too! Those with ethical images gain trust from the customer and believers within the B2B circle.

How innovative your social media marketer is will depend upon his ability to create diverse videos for various aspects. A terse outcome of this para is - "Video Not Only For Ads"        

Businesses that ignore this most engaging social media platform are doing so at their own peril.   

Well the purpose here for is to deliver a message that highlights various aspects of the businesses. This marketing channel is thus for educating the potential client or customer and at the same acts a subtle conversion tool to convert. This is what the proselytizers do. Don't They! 

In this World of cut throat competition use this marketing tool to outdo the competition. 

We have already read about video optimization in previous article and can thus utilize the techniques to create referral and consequently rank first  on the SERPs.
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Friday, December 6, 2019

Reddit - Enhancing Online Reputation



Reddit is a communication platform where people share their views and ideas. Subject to some conditions you can share links, images and videos as well. The format is different and you can publish articles albeit links to articles and blogs are added.  

Your online reputation on this platform is based on karmas which you build by participation in discussion, commenting and posting the right way. The topic groupings are based on categories/forums of specific or general interest by the members. These are also called subreddits.

Ex. r/seo

Reddit particular about you reputation i.e. karmas and allows privileges based on number of the karma you have. Thus in order to create a category of a particular niche you need to have good number of karma. Nevertheless you can become a member of any category and post, share or discuss subject to posting guidelines. Do not post too quickly make one post and then wait for some time to make another post.

Tags for posts are often available as options:

OC - Original Content

Spoiler - Here thumbnails and previews hidden offering the visitor to ignore the post and abstain from viewing.

NSFW - Not Safe for Work. This highlights nudity, violence, profanity and sexuality.  

Subject to conditions you can post links to contents here for search engine optimization usually for referrals. For marketing purpose links to content, images and videos can be posted in regular intervals subject to guidelines. 

In order to gain karma your activities have to be up voted. This similar to "Like" in FB. Y ou can also down vote a post if deem it as not relevant but this you can do at the cost of your own karma. When you down vote a post the poster loses two karmas.

There are two types of karma:

Link karma for posting a link.

Comment karma for commenting on post.

Remember whence involved in any activity be relevant, terse and knowledgeable and yes follow the rules or your post will be rejected. Whence commented post a relevant and meaningful comment or you will be down voted.  

Register on Reddit create a profile and settings before using the platform.
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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Video Optimization A Shot at Success

Video are the most watched attributes on the Internet need we say. Videos may be long innumerating an event or action while they may be short and are reffered as clips. Those that fit into a sequence are generally called footage. They can be of many types like music, marketing, advertisement, action, wildlife, tutorials, films, lectures, propoganda, science and what not.  

For those into search engine optimization or online marketing these attributes often embeded in a web page for various purposes are major marketing tool. Some of the companies that publish subscriber videos are youtube, vimeo and so on. Youtube is most popular company subscribed and posted by millions. This video sharing company has been purchased by Google and publishes to many formats. 

For SEO or marketing purposes high quality or HD videos should be used. If you make a video for marketing or advertisement purpose embed companies name and URL such that they are visible throughout. Like in URL naming the Brand or Company Name and TLD should be to remember. 

While uploading be careful to write an SEO friendly title and description of about one hundred fifty characters and add URL of your company website below. Also add relevant hash tags in limit. Simultaneous create a playlist accurately describing the topic and add the clip.

Clips are usually videos of four second or more. A footage is limited to the action while others may be longer as in the case of documentory. All are called videos as well so do not get confused.   
Once published save the URL and share. Publish your video in all articles, blogs and forums that are related to the topic. Promote using SEO links and on Social Media sites like FB, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit etc. If the video goes viral you will get lots of traffic and the URL that is contained in the desciption will deliver referrals in thousands.

With keyword research you create links or embed them in relevant blogs and articles and of course your website. Web saturation efforts will deliver success. They can also be used for publishing adsense and earn a revenue. Sometimes the traffic is in millions of visitors making it possible to earn a huge sum. But there are preconditions to publish ad in your channel restricted to publishers with large subscriber base and traffic.   

Link Embedded : Example

Indian Wildlife Videos
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Monday, November 11, 2019

Shaping A Digital Marketing Strategy

Online Marketing is Complex and you are in it for bread and butter. Promoting brands, websites, professionals and companies is within your scope if you are experienced. You have to be adaptive to emerging social media, be a good content writer and hard working. A constant search for emerging platforms and other new opportunities goes alongside the campaigns.   

While digital marketing is an online activity, the role of mobile text messaging Ads and email marketing is inclusive activity for a digital marketeer. For this data collection is imperative through your own efforts or paid sources.

For a successful campaign quality content creation is a prerequisite other attributes that attract visitors are videos, and info graphs. Since the campaigns are comprehensive, research and analysis is the starting point. Understanding client focus and aim is of utmost importance.

You need to have a firm grip on keywords that matter. Most of the campaigns are local, focused on few localities or spread to few districts. For universal or country level rankings domain authority, website contents, link popularity and diversity, web saturation all count extensively hence sufficient time is required to rank on country wise or non local terms. This can take few years if all is well including the on page factors. Keyword competitions for prime terms is difficult, overcome with consistency, short terms campaigns should be entertained only for local SEO. 

Hence digital or online marketing is a series of actions using your understanding of  the web especially the social media. Your knowledge or experience of managing PPC, online advertisement and industry scope does matter. Having a grasp of analytic and search console will be extremely helpful in understanding user/visitor behaviour. This will lead to reaching the target audience much effectively. 

The channels include paid media as well but this may depend upon the investment capabilities of the clients and their promotional strategies. Usually companies allocate fund within which you will have to operate. PPC is the preferred mode of reaching client online. Adwords is most popular but you can use other platforms like FB and LinkedIn. But do a test marketing before going all out.

At the core is content which is the main vehicle to attract visitors. Online reputation on social media sites is created using blog contents, articles, discussion on forums, videos and info graphics.  It is what you write matters even videos gain popularity if relevant and well made.

Technical issues related to search engine optimization should be understood well albeit technical implementation could be executed with the help of web designer or programmer. Understanding website basics, UX, link architecture and URL naming is imperative. Able to increase conversion potential of client site is an added benefit as an SEO and writer.

Digital Marketing is content driven but technical aspects should be understood well to execute on page SEO in the campaigns.

When considering projects study website and company blog well. Suggest content improvements and request changes in link architecture and URL naming. Find out content duplicate issues and have them rectified or place a canonical meta wherever required.

Begin search engine optimization whence the site is satisfactory done with the help of the owner and designers associated with it. This is to assure that there is no rejection by search engines during indexing or ranking.

Use the content created for link building for bookmarking and social networking. Create contents on diverse platforms to be used on social media. You can  create contents separately for social media. Blog consistently on topic on your own blog or do blog posting on other suitable blogs. It is better to limit the latter.

After three months keep checking ranking results and response on the social media platforms. Send reports to clients besides highlighting actions taken by you regularly.
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