Monday, October 8, 2018

Mass Marketing Using Social Media

The door to door marketing strategy offers limited gains and is costly. In fact almost all land based or offline options for marketing are costly and the ones which are not are not effective. Hence advertisement for sales or marketing is a costly option be it through newspapers, radio, TV or films you need financial muscle to market or sell products. Hence the Mega Corps with plenty of resources always win and mass  market for their products and services. 

Even at local level money is required to sell services or products using the local TV channel or the radio or the newspapers. The advertisement is a recurring factor not within the scope of each and every company or professional.     

Hence more and more professionals and companies are relying on Internet or Digital Marketing mediums for promotion of their products or services. This also costs money but the scale of investment is nowhere near the costs involved in means discussed above. 

For Digital Marketing you need a service provider or an expert who knows how to thrust a message, website, blog or self made Ad through numerous platforms that prevail on the Internet. Using the platforms effectively is the key to success in digital marketing.      

Platforms like FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+ require familiarity and a practice of shorts. Central to all the activities on Social Media platforms is content creation, images and creating infographics to name a few. Content creation with links helps publish on many platforms which along with infographics and images create an effective conversion medium. 

Activity on social media requires effective content creation, videos and graphics. Amongst these blogs, article writing, presence on sites where users create contents are effective marketing medium. You should be well versed with the features of the platform and its rules and regulations.

Some of popular blog providers are blogspot, typepad and wordpress. For effective blogging one needs patient and regular entries which are quality driven and anecdotal. New blogs are hardly effective in search engine optimisation but nevertheless blogging benefits accrue the moment you begin. Blogging requires regular inputs and dedication and the input should be restricted to one topic.

Topic relevancy is extremely important in social media participation. 

For any media to yield results it requires participation for a long time where in you have gathered sufficient followers or friends in your domain the more the merrier. In fact this is an indication of your popularity or online reputation. This is a must since good online reputation accords weightage to product or services you are promoting.           

You can create a niche within a niche of special attributes that you carry or special services or products that you offer. Your online reputation may reflect on your life in brick and mortar space not only in the cyberworld. There are limitless possibilities online thanks to immense reach in terms of distance and people and speed of the Internet. This is a global phenomenon which can be tapped locally as well as internationally. 

Some of the platforms alike reddit are less interactive and more of a conversation arena. But the popularity of such media is immense and you can promote here by being part of the conversation.

Another benefit of this medium is bookmarking where in you increase the reach of your content and store them at various places. Members can search the book marking site to discover your content and thus increase the reach.

The forums are not a direct medium for promotion but by active participation within a niche you can increase your online participation.

The Social Media is changing day by day and it helps to keep a tab on the developments to hone your online marketing skills.  

Friday, October 5, 2018

Future of Link Building & SEO

SEO Overview

The beginning of search on Internet or web browser was facilitated by external links. These are links pointing towards the owners site from another source which could be an article, blog or another website etc. These links were then taken into calculation by search engine algorithms and the site was ranked accordingly as per their numerical strength which was an indicator of its popularity on the Net.  All this is passe, but the algorithms still rely on links for greater information about the websites and do enhance ranking if the effort made is following their guidelines.  

Now SE companies rely on many other metrics to rank a website but these too can be manipulated hence the mix is preferred.

"Human scrutinized links are better pointers to a sites quality then other intelligence method since it is impossible to replicate the human mind."

Therefore organically generated or natural links and/or well scrutinised one's are definitely more reliable. 

Eventually seo practices also points to a better site build up using unique informative contents, sound architecture, good responsible design, added anecdotal features like images, infographics and videos. Thus in present stage both on page and off page factors are important this is further accentuated by the user behaviour on the site.      

Link Building Once Upon A Time

Hence link building was a popular methodology by webmasters to promote their client sites. This went on for some time along with adding onpage attributes in abundance. Some of the webmasters were gaming the system and artificially manipulating the search results.   

In order to prevent the SERPs from being flooded with incompetent sites the search engines began improving their algorithms by tweaking them regularly. The Penguin Update by Google put stop to manipulation of search results by building spammy links helter skelter. 

The stage has come where in only quality or authoritative links count. The organic links attributed to good unique contents are the preferred mode used to enhance a websites ranking by search companies today. But unlike whence Penguin was newly introduced, the companies do not penalise spammy links they only ignore or dilute their impact. This is believed to be true?     

Web Saturation 

Do people reach your site just by a mention in the contents well that seems impossible in the present context hence a link is required to direct people to the site. 

Why is Web Saturation Important? 

Until unless you find a place on top of SERPs on many keywords your portal will remain ineffective on the Internet. In order to remedy this malady in the vast Universe that the cyberspace is one needs to be present at as many places as possible. This is known as web saturation. 

Hence link building is imperative but please this does not justify spammy links as they are bound to affect your online reputation even if search engines ignore them. Links associated with unique content and quality are most respected by the visitors as well as the search providers. But one point is assured with the evolution of search. The more the merrier is not necessarily effective if the external links are not quality driven. Select large number of relevant platforms to create outbound links following their guidelines for better search engine optimisation.    

Social Media Participation 

Yes social media is part of the ranking process. Why? Let us understand that web presence is a concern for search engines for if visitors are able to find a useful resource without a search then the companies lose their business and lots of revenue in Ads. 

Hence the popularity on social media platforms or online reputation of a content or content creator helps the associated sites to rank better. This is a strong indicator for search companies since a good content associated with weak site will discourage visitors. Any resource which is spammy or not qualified will mar efforts to gain popularity in the social media. Online reputation plays an important role in conversions as desired by the owner, professional or a company. By effective participation one can carve a niche for self on a social media platform. 

Internet Marketing is now an exercise which includes search engine optimisation, social media participation and paid or free advertisement campaign management.  

Truck Load of Metrics 

Search engines take into account a vast number of metrics nowadays before ranking a website. Hence make good the efforts and promote a suitable site. But remember the crux is that your site contents should provide an apt answer to the user's query on the SERP else you will never succeed. Hence more information the better that too extensively researched and relevant.   

Evolution of Search 

The algorithms will keep on evolving to provide better answer to a query on search hence changes in guidelines are bound to take place every now and then. Webmasters should adopt to new practices as required.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Changing Face of SERPs & WebMasters Guidelines


With paradigm shift in search engine optimisation brought about regularly at the behest of changes to the algorithms of major search engines, webmasters are facing an uphill task. While the gist of the shift is attributed to the search engines pushing the clients towards paid advertisement on which major chunk of their revenue depends there are other reasons surfacing as well.  

Though webmasters role remains central to optimisation the rein on the SERPs is now in control of the companies with popular search algorithms. There is another sacred reason for the reins loosening from the webmasters. Through the last decade of development of search on the result pages the companies like Google have been according greater weightage to quality and relevancy. This has been brought about by regular evolution of algorithms and emerging associated technologies which have made the robots much smarter.    

On the SERPs people seek answers as well as amusement and unraveling of mystery of sorts. Yes a good lot is there for simply whiling away. The result page is like a Pandora's box for you never know what you may come across - this remains in the focus of users till this day. They are not interested in seeing the same results day in day out especially the brands which they are aware of anyway. The search is also for the lesser known embedded deep in the piles of results capable of springing surprise or a rarity. Hence with decreasing role of webmasters the diversity on the SERPs is taking a back seat giving rise to oft repeated results with which the users are getting tired off. This is what I call as demystifying the Internet. There will definitely be less takers. 

Internet is like a celestial void you never know what lies in the ahead.

With greater control of the contents and the backlings,the companies have brought about these changes as mentioned here earlier. This has also meant less control of results for the webmasters and elimination of black hat techniques.


In contemporary the impetus on backlinks has certainly decreased but not eliminated. Greater impetus is now placed on contents and related attributes of web design like the speed, architecture, images, videos, graphics and so on. The technical side has also experienced a weightage with better coding, usability, fluid navigation and quality design being preferred. There has been efforts to maximise search results with easy navigability with introduction of knowledge box, metadata and the carousel. 

But the fact remains that only ten results are usually looked into. Hence the race for the first page. 

More and more metrics are being included in indexing and ranking algorithms. This has made the whole process of optimisation holistic. The social media presence is one of the yardstick of measures or rather a number of activities where in online reputation aids search engine as to who will reach higher for relevant search terms.

Internet Marketing 

Hence Internet Marketing is the right term for promotion on Internet. Albeit this is inclusive of SEO or search engine optimisation as a key process. It used to depend heavily on link building earlier. Though building links is imperative even if the engines devalue it, a webmaster's effort should be holistic with content creation and social media participation being the major role players in the contemporary scenario. 

Coming back to link building it is an effective method to create referrals and place content on social media apparatus. Links are easy and free advertisement medium albeit they carry less value up the SERPs but nevertheless spammy links will penalise your site as well as devalue your online reputation on the social media. 

Webmaster Alternative : Online Presence 

With ever constricting space on SERPs the webmasters have to find alternative route to expose their client site to prospective or targeted audience. This is where Internet Marketing comes into the picture. Social media activities, push on the messaging sites using email and SMS should be an associated activity. This way there will be less reliance on SERPs and costly Ads. You will be able to provide targeted exposure to the site without being much on the result pages. 

This only means that content creation is imperative without which you should be looking for another job. On the design and development side association with coders and programmers is a must that is if you know the attributes of sound design and can instruct the designer fraternity in touch to make necessary changes. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Internet Marketing is Essential For Website Owners

Internet Marketing for Websites 

Is your website just a show piece waiting for time to click by so something happens and a business arrives. Well it is not going to happen. The SERP or search engine result pages are too competitive and keep a website from showing on it till optimisation takes place. The only option you have is to go for expensive online ads which may or may not be effective and cost a lot. 

To begin with is your website mobile friendly does it carry enough good quality link to gain authority for search engines to recognise. Is the architecture user friendly, contents unique and useful, does it have good images and videos to be self explanatory?Does your have a good online reputation in social media circles? Is the coding being well cached and indexed by search engine bots? 

These are the questions you can answer yourself honestly. If you wish online presence or avail business from eCommerce than the answer is simple. Hire an Internet or Digital Marketing Company or expert.

 In contemporary ranking methodology the Seo or Internet specialist should be a good content writer as well. The contents should carry quality and pass strict editorial scrutiny to make their presence felt in various link building platforms and social media sites. Experience and content creation ability of the service provider counts.

Hence keep these in mind whence you hire an SEO which is part of Online Marketing. He will optimise your website and make it popular on social media in order to create an online reputation of branding. These are essential for business conversions.  The activities will also make your site ranking on relevant search terms and visible on social media.

With the present changes that have taken place regarding rankings mass link building is not required. What is required is authoritative links and good content creation of social media. The search engines like Google take into account more than two hundred metrics before ranking your site;

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Friday, September 7, 2018

Understanding Keywords For SEO Campaign

A search begins with a keyword typed in the search box of the web browser. The http protocol sends the query to the servers at Google, Yahoo or Bing whichever chosen for the task.  The search engine returns through http protocol an answer to your query. This happens in few seconds and you get the best possible answer.

In the beginning of a search engine optimization campaign the first step after getting familiar with the website is to look into its contents. If the site is being made or has fewer contents than it is your task to provide content creation, link architecture and then write the contents for each and every page.  

So your research begins with understanding the topic of the website and where does its focus lie. It may be a broad topic website or it could be focused on a niche within that topic. For example it could be on “cricket” or it could be on “Indian cricket”.   By studying the website and related website you should discover the keywords more like your site will respond to. For example if your client’s site is on shoes then find out which shoes the company makes. Is the website talking about shoes for men, shoes for women, is it talking about formal shoe, or sports shoes etc. 

Searching on the Internet using these keywords will result in many sites that are related. Understanding the search terms they are focusing will narrow the scope of terms or phrases you are going to use to optimize the client’s website. Studying related websites and their contents in title, meta tags and body is important to come to a better conclusion about the terms you’re a going to use. 

It is also important to study the topic of the website by reading articles, blogs and books or whatever source you come across. Even discussion with informed people will help. Sometimes the client himself will throw light on the subject. 

Another method of researching keywords is to use the keywords tool. But most of these tools are unreliable and some are paid. Using these tools will also assist in discovering new keywords for your client’s website.  

Hence the next step is to make out a list of keywords also called search terms that the website would react to whence a query is typed on the SERPs or search engine result pages.    

But things are not so simple nowadays because even if your site does not contain any exact match keyword or in some cases no keywords at all it still has the potential to rank better. Why?

Search engines like Google nowadays use semantic indexing using this method they are able to accurately home on the website topic and hence terms associated with it. So you can write naturally and informatively the website contents without bothering about the search terms. Yes you can? 

Using related terms they can find out that your site is a hotel site and that to it belongs to a luxury property or one that serves wildlife lovers on safari in a particular National Park. 

Modern day content writers research the topic well and include related terms naturally in their write ups. A few exact match phrases are also used appropriately in the website contents. Please do not saturate your content with exact match phrases to target search engines rather write for the visitors to your site.  

But if you wish to increase the scope of terms that the site will rank on then making a list of targeted phrases is essential. The list is not made overnight it is always an ongoing process and goes along with the search engine optimization process.

Remember lot of your own logic and experience is used to deriving accurate phrases on which the performance of your client’s website will depend. Site should respond to long terms since competition is less and the next step is to target primary terms whence your website has become more authoritative.   
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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Google Analytic Features - Acquisition

Google analytic is a web tracking system with interesting features that offer analysis and inference regarding the  traffic that the website accrues. Recently like always updated features have allowed users to come to better conclusions as to how their sites get traffic and what steps should be taken to further the efforts. 

Web tracking systems are useful for website owners for achieving a more focused approach towards online marketing using the insights so derived. The metrics keep on changing for better data assimilation of the demographics. Some of the feature heads or reports are as follows:

Setting Up Goal: Already discussed in previous entry.
Acquisition: This feature comprises of  sub divisions in order to get respective data. 
  • Overview - ABC Metric 
  • Channels
  • All Traffic
  • Referrals
  • Campaigns
  • Keywords
  • Cost Analysis
  • AdWords
  • Social 
  • Search Engine Optimization.
ABC: Acquisition Behaviour Conversion Cycle overview informs how you accrue traffic and from where, how the users behave once on your site and who eventually converts. 

Channels enlighten you about the route the users have taken to land on your site. These routes could be referral, direct, organic search from the SERPs, direct, Adwords, other paid search, messaging or from social media.  

All Traffic is important since it helps evaluate the primary source of traffic. This subsection settings deliver the report of the biggest traffic sources, Visit details, New user arrivals by percentage and total number. You also get to know the bounce rate which informs you the time spent by the user on the site and the average of durations, then visit per page or pages and your conversion goals for each source. These same statistics are shown in All Referrals section minus the arrival from organic and direct sources.  

Campaigns the reports here provide an account of traffic obtained and information through other metrics by paid search campaigns like Google Adwords. 

Keywords information on keywords used for organic search is minimal. But more elaborate information can be obtained regrading keyword employed in Adword campaign.   

Cost Analysis is in beta stage and will be used to deliver data on paid campaigns.   

Adwords the reports offer enhanced data on Adword Campaign regarding the bids, destination URLs, keywords, placement etc. It is necessary that you connect Adwords with Google analytic to avail the data.

Social this metric is to gauge performance of your social media activities.

The Google analytic code is implemented in all pages in the head section.
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Monday, September 3, 2018

Setting Up Goal in Google Analytic

After signing up and creating a google analytic account you need to admin and then create an account. Under one account you can create many properties. A property contains analytical settings the Name. website url, time zone, user ID etc. This is where the property or the website details reside.  

Property Settings 

Basic Settings

Tracking Id
Property Name
Default URL
Default View
Industry Category
Allow manual tagging (UTM values) to override auto-tagging (GCLID values) for Google Ads and Search Ads 360 integration 

Property Hit Volume

Last day: No hits
Last 7 Days: No hits
Last 30 Days: No hits

Advertising Features

Enable Demographics and Interest Reports 
Demographics and Interest Reports make Age, Gender, and Interest data available so you can better understand who your users are. To see this data, you need to enable Advertising Features first. Learn more

In-Page Analytics

Use enhanced link attribution
Enhanced link attribution allows us to better track links on your page, but requires a small change to the tracking code. Follow these instructions to setup enhanced link attribution on your site: How to setup enhanced link attribution on my site?
Start In-Page Analytics in

Use of full view mode is recommended only if your site has trouble loading in embedded mode.

Search Console

User Analysis

Enable Users Metric in Reporting
Adds the Users metric to standard reports and updates your users metric calculation.


After the property has been set up one needs to set the analytic window besides adding the code in the website. This is normally done in the head section of each and every page. All settings of the property have to be reached by clicking over the ADMIN in the account section.

Setting a goal is important where in you first activate you  the goal and name each goal you are setting. These goals are set up to inform you about the duration, URL destination, funnel that leads to a desired page or action. In case of a single page website event could be set up to find out if the visitor clicked on purchase, contact etc. 

Setting up the goal in Google analytic will fetch you better information regarding the conversation. Hence it is imperative to set this up.