Monday, February 11, 2019

SEO: Ranking Factors & Rationale

SEO: Ranking 

Bounce rate, speed and link architecture also determine your success on the SERP. Gone are the days when big concerns could hire a large team of web buzzers and make links using articles and directory submissions. Forums were also in this game but there the admins were more strict so the former two gamed the algorithms no end.  

I worked in an IT concern which was much into gaming the system using my articles they could make cheap copies and get massive worked. But before leaving I told them it will not work in future and it did not. Similarly with directories I could write title and description which was than manipulated by the team and submitted to thousands of directories. Then this too stopped working as I had warned...but they would not listen and the site was sent to the gallows. Anchor repetition also failed. 

Link building still works, directory submission still work, forums still work but in all the cases aesthetics have changed. No spam is tolerated by any search engines. Moreover a large number of metrics have come into picture to index and rank a website on a keyword. 

Quality link building or authoritative links means a great deal of success. if your site gathers natural links nothing like people link your site because they find it useful information or action wise. If your award winning company website is linked with authoritative site offering the awards on that field you have made it. This is an example.

But this will not be the case all the time hence do build links not to game the system but to get referrals. If your site follows the SE guidelines it will not be penalized since referrals lead to web saturation that is essential for websites.  

Many of the metrics are not known by the webmasters and they may never know. But aesthetics will work...always...make the website that delivers good user experience, repeat visitors will stand as testimony.

Why would any one visit a website again and again using a keyword or set of phrases regularly until unless they are finding something useful. Even one time visitor if they stay for a reasonable time and there is an action then the website has scored a point to the search engines. One time visit with good enough time spent on it and or action is there...the purpose is solved in one go.  If you understand this you will also understand the role social media plays in ranking and building an online reputation or authority....that does count.   

By some mechanism search engines are able to make out reputation or authority of the site! Domain age is certainly one of them, hosting period and hosting stability also matters. Social media performance also matters. 

Speed is something which makes a user explore the website, a slow download is a turn off...nobody wants to wait for a site to load. A reasonable good downloading time hence is a must. It need not necessarily be the fastest.

A good architecture means a quick pathway to the targeted page without crazy maneuvers. Hence good link architecture means easy access to important pages and the action page. If you observe the funnel you will discover the pathway that a visitor or visitors take to reach a particular goal. For search engines this would also mean a good directory structure...make use of silos if necessary.  A good site map and well configured robot.txt file all are important.

Contents are foremost as far as good user experience is concerned. Hire a good content writer or be one yourself. Be it website contents, blog contents, article contents, content in user generated sites all matter...  

Contents with videos, infographics and relevant images enhance user experience tremendously. Forget about search engines if your website satisfies the user criteria it will always be the winner. There are many places on Earth that do not spend a penny in advertising but are yet successful, only because of their delivery travels fast.   

A responsive website is mobile friendly which is important since quick search is most of the time taking place on smartphones. Browser compatibility, platform compatibility, content size, readability , optimized graphics and images, contrast between back ground and text, all matter. 

If you can guess all that would matter regarding the user satisfaction inculcate in your design and content without hesitation. If you can be a winner without getting into the mad race of the SERPs you have made it.     

Like reputed libraries which search for a great book by a great author search engines also seek a great website by a great owner.   

Last but least there are no cheap or quick solutions, if you are a cheapster and do not have patient... hang your portal!

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Saturday, February 2, 2019

URL Parameters & Duplicate Contents

When you interact with a website on the Net a session is set and upon receiving the answer you will see that the returned URL has strings at the end of the absolute URL. These are dynamically generated and also inform you of action taken and these are the URL parameters. They whole set at the end of URL also denotes a session ID.

Actually the parameters are associated with various actions or tasks like tracking, reordering, categorizing, product, filtering etc. They can exhibit a page with content in multiple ways often filtered or sorted out. If you are searching for blue sweaters on an eCommerce site the action will sort out the blue sweaters from other colored ones and show you only the blue ones. In short the date source has been filtered here.   

The parameters are set in the back end process or the admin interface as per the design and desire of the exhibitor. Usually the programmer or developer will decide what dynamic tasks have to be performed for the visitors.  

URL variables start with a question mark. ?


This is a dynamic URL and more variables can be added using the ampersand (&)

Though the URL variables have a functional approach they can lead to a duplication issue since the search engines take the dynamic urls or urls with variables as separate. Hence same page along with the one's with the parameters is construed as duplicate content and so is the keyword or anchor text associated with it.  

Other complications may arise like the splitting of page rank. The URLs with variables make them  difficult to read, less memorable and less clickable as a consequence.  


First you should ask the developer to restrict the use of URL with variables to ones absolutely necessary. 

You can noindex,nofollow the dynamic URLs in the meta.   

You can use the canonical tag to identify the main URL

In the robot.txt disallow the pages with string query ? 

Disallow: /*?* 

In search console you can use the parameter tool to instruct Google about the URLs with variables on your website and what to do with regarding the crawl and indexing.

Read Google Support on the Parameter Tool

If you find things difficult to comprehend you should use the option Let Google Decide. During the crawl Googlebot takes many aspects in consideration and decides one URL to value from other similar ones. 

Smaller sites should strict to static URL pattern creating sub folders if necessary. For larger eCommerce site using CMS dynamic URLs are required for offering multiple views of the pages. Managing various issues associated with the complex structures are given in the options above. 

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Hashtag # All About It

#hashtag is a meta data tag with a pound sign that when added to a keyword or phrase becomes a category or a topic. This leads to accumulation of data on particular social media on that particular tag. For example if you create hashtag #SEO and add it to content on say facebook it will be assimilated along all posts that are hashtagged #SEO.   

Whenever someone clicks on the #SEO has take he or she will be forwarded to a page with lot of contents, pages or links leading to that particular topic. These tags can be created on any topic especially those that are trending. For example #cricketworldcup19 a click on this tag will lead you to all information page associated with the event on FaceBook. 

In order to apply a hashtag just type a keyword and add # before it. Take care there should be no gap in between the word or phrase as  have shown on the example above. #cricketworldcup19 . 

Some of the social media on which these tags are active and searchable are Twitter, FB, Youtube and LinkedIn.  Social Media professionals must make use of this attribute but take care to use it wisely and in limitation usually one of two. Some media platforms have limited the use of this attribute to maximum thirty  or maximum 400 characters I believe.      

Webmasters use this tag in their #optimization strategy for increasing the exposure of their content but this should be strictly limited in order to avoid being labeled as spam. The attribute helps you to get assimilated in a similar category or topic. It can thus reach a target audience and hence increase exposure.

Google Support Hashtagging a Video

More on #Hashtag
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Monday, January 28, 2019

SEO: Why Sudden Traffic Fall?

Why does your rankings and subsequently the traffic fizzle down one fine day? 

Well for search engine optimizers this is a big set back and lot of questions asked by the client has to be answered. 

Well if this happens firsts inspect the whole site do you find some elements missing especially the title tag and the meta? Is the content missing from some pages? Subsequently check the whole ranking chart in order to find in which terms you have rolled down. A major error could mean downslide in very large number of terms. 

Then move to the search console to find out the number of pages and which one have gone out of index. Inspect the Crawling through the attribute and use Fetch as function for each and every page.

Check pages for noindex meta if wrongly inserted. Also check the robot.txt file if wrong command is present...this can happen during the edits or can be a mistake made by the web designer. Discuss with him.  And yes check that Google Analytic Code is inserted properly in each and every page if the rankings seem to be unstable.

I hope you have been frequently taking care of broken links and 404s! 

Major changes to the site during redesigning can occur by error or by intent. Keep title, meta and content stable in the new format and see that the link architecture remains stable as well. As a regulatory measure site changes, migration etc should happen under your supervision strictly!   

Unprecedented errors can creep in the designing and coding, aspects that are being handled by web designer...which is most likely to be. Also go through the site to check for proper search terms being in the alt tags. Keep checking the download speed of your pages and the mobile friendliness.

Also keep in reckoning the performance of your web host....has the website had a stable performance due to good hosting. Also check for malware using a good anti-malware and antivirus.

Another crucial aspect is to check for ads above the fold. In their greed clients often insert Ads above the fold which is going to invite a sure shot penalty.

Also recheck if all the aspect of the website are following the search engine guidelines I mean the current ones. This is done to be assured of penalties that the bots can subject your site to and also check for manual penalty...often Google will inform you if that has taken place. 

Check you link profile thoroughly and use Disvow tool to remove any suspected external linking.  In case of a major drop do send a reconsideration request to the admins. Keep in mind link building in the present context is driven by quality and not quantity. Cheap links are a disaster for SEO practices there is no doubt about this anymore. 

Sometimes authoritative external backlinks may go missing if the provider has placed your link in archive or simply removed it and the content associated with a matter of policy. You can request reinsertion but it is better to keep building qualitative links as a SEO measure. Do not be dependent upon few links.

Check always for duplicate content and all you pages being on site. Sometime site owners having many sites can insert pages from one site to another meaning the same page is within the architecture of each site. Each page on a website should be unique the solution is very simple. 

Sometimes due to some arrangement with a vendor or an agent your site content could be placed on his or her site with the know of the webmaster. In this case if the bots construe the content on the agents/vendors site as original you are doomed. Do not place your content on another site come what may. Ask your content writer to keep busy and churn contents for placement elsewhere.       

Complacency sets in whence you begin generating high traffic for your client site. This is one step close to disaster to frequent SEO audit or check to remain stable.

Find out if major algorithm changes have been brought about by search engines. If so learn to enhance your SEO technique accordingly.

Ranking and Traffic is never stable so as a webmaster always be on alert.

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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Writing Quality Contents Online

For writing quality contents simplicity is a virtue that goes a long way. Make it simple. At the same time understand the meaning of words frequently used as well as less used. Understand the meaning of rare words which are not used often but can be helpful in negotiating a difficult twist whence writing on topics.   

Develop Your Own Dictionary

Increase and maintain a vast repertoire of meaningful phrases and complex words which help in explaining difficult aspects, emotions and complex situations with ease. You can make your own phrases but they should mean well and clear. 

Style Innovation

Innovation is the crux of quality writing, hence develop a unique style, a powerful vocabulary that generate emotive expressions. Be bold, do not hesitate to bring forth a style or views and news in your own terms. 

Quality writing means explaining the topic or announcing and event in a structured language. This is also applicable to writing novels where sentence structure separates professionals from the novice. 


You cannot write if you do not read. The ability to quickly grasp meaning of complex sentences in online writing can lead to developing your own abilities to bring forth the meaning of sentences by skillfully using words and phrases. Hence read blogs, articles and books by acclaimed authors who have authority on a topic. Do not waste time on fiction which is not much related to writing quality contents online. Read news articles, opinions and research material if the latter is required for an extensive write up on a subject. 

In case where knowledge and facts are concerned a capability of in depth research has to be developed. Searching online as well as off line is a must if you wish to get your facts right. Extensive research makes contents unique, which is one aspect which outdoes other competing ones. Always keep on reading on the subject of relevancy. But your bread and butter could arise from just any topic hence develop ability to grasp quickly unrelated topics that may often not interest you as a writer. 

Formatting & Grammar

The title, first sentence of paragraph should well explain what the write is all about. This is important to catch and fix the reader’s attention. Secondly the length of your article should not be discouraging or cause a reader’s fatigue. Hence formatting is an important attribute especially for websites.

In case of writing lengthy articles or even short ones clever formatting is crucial. Smart headings and short sentences all included in a paragraph makes it readable… and a catchy headline will attract readers.  

Your writing should be neatly divided with headings for search engines and visitors both. In case of search engines use one H1 tag that is usually the main headline, than use few H2 tags and as many H3 tags if required. This you would often do when writing for websites and large portals.    

Break paragraphs effectively each containing one module of information.

Make effective use of comma and full stop to clarify what you mean, a pause is like a thousand words. It can prevent a clash within a sentence and make each one clear this is especially applicable with case where simple and complex sentences are contained. Although write using simple sentences sometimes complex structure is unavoidable. Hence read about use of comma, full stop and semicolon. Any write up that makes sense is readable hence apart from creating structured write up do not be involved deep into grammar. And get confused!   

Generating Interest & Photos and Videos

If you are associated with a topic or an authority on one…you can generate lot of interest among professionals, amateurs and others alike. Making a write up interesting is your ability, and understanding the readers you attract is also important. If your write ups contain a surprise, an unknown fact, or describe an adventurous event often, you will certainly add more and more readers. 
Related, explanatory or interesting photos when added intermittently at right junctures can increase the readability of a write. Add an info graphic where comparison or figures have to be expressed. And also add a detailed or explanatory video limiting it to just one.    

Blog Writing

Blog writing can be a mix of fact and fiction; in fact all your blog writing should be anecdotal in nature. Here it is you who is behind the narration, if the writing is not anecdotal better create an article and name it so.  Frequent or daily happening is what the readers of a blog look for… keep this in mind. A doctor can write about interesting cases and a surgeon can write about unique operation he has done. There is no limit to topics especially on the Internet.  

In case of a travel blog add pictures to highlight destinations, photos of important places, public activities and interesting people you have come across. Write about small things for example a small pawn shop may be more interesting than a large departmental store. Same things apply to an eatery, small ones on street offering unique food may be more interesting than an upscale joint with standard plate.      

Like any write up success depends upon what interests readers. You should be able to gauge well.    
Blog writing usually has a minimum length of few paragraphs but the entries could be lengthy even beyond two thousand words. The limit arises whence the meaning is achieved and delivered fairly well. Do not go on to write gibberish.   

Using Semantics

Semantics are more helpful in case of humans in order to understand the relationship with the main topic. It is crucial in making the search engines to understand the topic. Rather than repeating the keyword again and again which may invite penalty from the search engines use related words. For example hotels, resort, accommodation, restaurant, room, cottage, tariff, service, amenities all point to a hotel. 

When you write naturally semantics naturally drop in so not much effort is required here. Remember always write naturally for the readers and do not try to insert keywords or phrases in order to impress the bots. 

Repeated Edits

Go through the write up before publication again and again in order to do away with typos and related errors. See that your sentences are delivering a perfect meaning and are truthful. For in writing honesty is the best policy. No fake news please!    

Practice Read and Write

Like in any field practice makes a man or a woman perfect. Keep on writing till your readers say that you have done a good job worth impressing an editor. Well! Continue to read and write to be successful on the Internet. There is no end!  

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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Search Intent A Point to Ponder

Keyword Research & Analysis : Understanding Intent 

When you  are optimizing a page or a piece of content for a keyword you should definitely know what intent is that phrase going to fulfill. Whenever we are in the process of optimizing a website we make a keyword analysis and make a list after extensive research that we would use throughout the campaign. But just having a robust list is not enough...we have to know what intent does each fulfill. 

What is intent?

Well it is a common word that signifies a purpose behind an action. Similarly people use search terms on the SERPs with an intent. The search is mostly for finding information, seeking a specific website dealing with the topic the user is searching for, seeking news or intent to purchase online. 

So you may ask what is your site or rather that specific webpage you are promoting about? Does it fulfill and intent? Is it an eCommerce site or is it an information website? Hence once you are aware of this aspect you will narrow down the list of terms you   have assiduously created. In short the terms you have used to optimize the web page should be justifying what your page offering. People searching for knowledge or information should not be landing on your eCommerce page.

But it is not so simple for sometime related ages can lead to business conversion but than do you have the bandwidth to be that extensive. For example: 

You have a site on wildlife resort with a page on accommodation and one on the resort itself. Than for additional information you will also have a page on destination which is an information page and not meant for conversion. But if your destination page ranks well without putting too much time and effort all the better because user seeking information will land on the page and may move on to other important pages of the website. Well still you may not get a conversion but surely advertisement has taken place. It could create an awareness about  the property or in future.....   

But certainly you should understand the intent behind each term in your list and then give shape to your campaign. Hence optimize a page using a term that solves its purpose. Just do not go for high volume terms since they may not be fulfilling the purpose of the page. 

Also the contents should be aiming at the purpose as well. For a product page the contents should be persuasive speak about the attributes of the product or products and convert the visit into a purchase. In case if informational pages the research should be intense and the information contained should be unique and solve the visitors queries. Although the visitors understands the page offering better whence they go through the site comprehensively nevertheless on page focus should never be compromised.      

Paying attention to the intent behind each term will enable you to understand the campaign that your SEO consultant is shaping. Even when you content writer is creating pages you can instruct him the purpose of your website. Most of the clients who go for  cheap website design and development do not pay attention to this aspect and the final result is totally unproductive. 

The crux of this content is that it should be shaped accordingly to the purpose of the visitors and not search engines. Sometimes targeting prime phrases could be a futile exercise usually long term phrases act as best conversion piece or deliver on niche information about a topic. 

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Monday, January 7, 2019

Google My Business: Being Placed in Local Search

Google MY Business or GMB is a free tool that enables your first step in local search. When you create a Google Account you avail many of the services provided free by the search company. 

At GMB you have to fill all your information asked for including your location. Once the information has been filled up as asked for you have to verify the listing as demanded. Usually the company sends you a letter with a code to verify your listing. This letter is sent to the address you have mentioned whence filling in the Google MY Business details.   Other means of verification available for you are usually by sms or email.  

While filling in your information in title and details do add some keywords that identify your business well. Actually this tool is apt for businesses but even professions can be highlighted using GMB. The tool also offers an option to create a small site on Google do take the advantage. 

Also chose the business category carefully because you are practically doing local search engine optimization so accuracy and relevance of information will count. Also add descriptive images for better conversions since image works better than a thousands words. 

There is an option to link your posts so if you are blogging about your topic add the content URLS here. This is good way to exhibit your authority and create a reputation online.     

Proper information will place you in Google Search Local Listing and your business or profession will get good exposure.  

My Google Website listed in GMP

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