Saturday, January 19, 2019

Writing Quality Contents Online

For writing quality contents simplicity is a virtue that goes a long way. Make it simple. At the same time understand the meaning of words frequently used as well as less used. Understand the meaning of rare words which are not used often but can be helpful in negotiating a difficult twist whence writing on topics.   

Develop Your Own Dictionary

Increase and maintain a vast repertoire of meaningful phrases and complex words which help in explaining difficult aspects, emotions and complex situations with ease. You can make your own phrases but they should mean well and clear. 

Style Innovation

Innovation is the crux of quality writing, hence develop a unique style, a powerful vocabulary that generate emotive expressions. Be bold, do not hesitate to bring forth a style or views and news in your own terms. 

Quality writing means explaining the topic or announcing and event in a structured language. This is also applicable to writing novels where sentence structure separates professionals from the novice. 


You cannot write if you do not read. The ability to quickly grasp meaning of complex sentences in online writing can lead to developing your own abilities to bring forth the meaning of sentences by skillfully using words and phrases. Hence read blogs, articles and books by acclaimed authors who have authority on a topic. Do not waste time on fiction which is not much related to writing quality contents online. Read news articles, opinions and research material if the latter is required for an extensive write up on a subject. 

In case where knowledge and facts are concerned a capability of in depth research has to be developed. Searching online as well as off line is a must if you wish to get your facts right. Extensive research makes contents unique, which is one aspect which outdoes other competing ones. Always keep on reading on the subject of relevancy. But your bread and butter could arise from just any topic hence develop ability to grasp quickly unrelated topics that may often not interest you as a writer. 

Formatting & Grammar

The title, first sentence of paragraph should well explain what the write is all about. This is important to catch and fix the reader’s attention. Secondly the length of your article should not be discouraging or cause a reader’s fatigue. Hence formatting is an important attribute especially for websites.

In case of writing lengthy articles or even short ones clever formatting is crucial. Smart headings and short sentences all included in a paragraph makes it readable… and a catchy headline will attract readers.  

Your writing should be neatly divided with headings for search engines and visitors both. In case of search engines use one H1 tag that is usually the main headline, than use few H2 tags and as many H3 tags if required. This you would often do when writing for websites and large portals.    

Break paragraphs effectively each containing one module of information.

Make effective use of comma and full stop to clarify what you mean, a pause is like a thousand words. It can prevent a clash within a sentence and make each one clear this is especially applicable with case where simple and complex sentences are contained. Although write using simple sentences sometimes complex structure is unavoidable. Hence read about use of comma, full stop and semicolon. Any write up that makes sense is readable hence apart from creating structured write up do not be involved deep into grammar. And get confused!   

Generating Interest & Photos and Videos

If you are associated with a topic or an authority on one…you can generate lot of interest among professionals, amateurs and others alike. Making a write up interesting is your ability, and understanding the readers you attract is also important. If your write ups contain a surprise, an unknown fact, or describe an adventurous event often, you will certainly add more and more readers. 
Related, explanatory or interesting photos when added intermittently at right junctures can increase the readability of a write. Add an info graphic where comparison or figures have to be expressed. And also add a detailed or explanatory video limiting it to just one.    

Blog Writing

Blog writing can be a mix of fact and fiction; in fact all your blog writing should be anecdotal in nature. Here it is you who is behind the narration, if the writing is not anecdotal better create an article and name it so.  Frequent or daily happening is what the readers of a blog look for… keep this in mind. A doctor can write about interesting cases and a surgeon can write about unique operation he has done. There is no limit to topics especially on the Internet.  

In case of a travel blog add pictures to highlight destinations, photos of important places, public activities and interesting people you have come across. Write about small things for example a small pawn shop may be more interesting than a large departmental store. Same things apply to an eatery, small ones on street offering unique food may be more interesting than an upscale joint with standard plate.      

Like any write up success depends upon what interests readers. You should be able to gauge well.    
Blog writing usually has a minimum length of few paragraphs but the entries could be lengthy even beyond two thousand words. The limit arises whence the meaning is achieved and delivered fairly well. Do not go on to write gibberish.   

Using Semantics

Semantics are more helpful in case of humans in order to understand the relationship with the main topic. It is crucial in making the search engines to understand the topic. Rather than repeating the keyword again and again which may invite penalty from the search engines use related words. For example hotels, resort, accommodation, restaurant, room, cottage, tariff, service, amenities all point to a hotel. 

When you write naturally semantics naturally drop in so not much effort is required here. Remember always write naturally for the readers and do not try to insert keywords or phrases in order to impress the bots. 

Repeated Edits

Go through the write up before publication again and again in order to do away with typos and related errors. See that your sentences are delivering a perfect meaning and are truthful. For in writing honesty is the best policy. No fake news please!    

Practice Read and Write

Like in any field practice makes a man or a woman perfect. Keep on writing till your readers say that you have done a good job worth impressing an editor. Well! Continue to read and write to be successful on the Internet. There is no end!  

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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Search Intent A Point to Ponder

Keyword Research & Analysis : Understanding Intent 

When you  are optimizing a page or a piece of content for a keyword you should definitely know what intent is that phrase going to fulfill. Whenever we are in the process of optimizing a website we make a keyword analysis and make a list after extensive research that we would use throughout the campaign. But just having a robust list is not enough...we have to know what intent does each fulfill. 

What is intent?

Well it is a common word that signifies a purpose behind an action. Similarly people use search terms on the SERPs with an intent. The search is mostly for finding information, seeking a specific website dealing with the topic the user is searching for, seeking news or intent to purchase online. 

So you may ask what is your site or rather that specific webpage you are promoting about? Does it fulfill and intent? Is it an eCommerce site or is it an information website? Hence once you are aware of this aspect you will narrow down the list of terms you   have assiduously created. In short the terms you have used to optimize the web page should be justifying what your page offering. People searching for knowledge or information should not be landing on your eCommerce page.

But it is not so simple for sometime related ages can lead to business conversion but than do you have the bandwidth to be that extensive. For example: 

You have a site on wildlife resort with a page on accommodation and one on the resort itself. Than for additional information you will also have a page on destination which is an information page and not meant for conversion. But if your destination page ranks well without putting too much time and effort all the better because user seeking information will land on the page and may move on to other important pages of the website. Well still you may not get a conversion but surely advertisement has taken place. It could create an awareness about  the property or in future.....   

But certainly you should understand the intent behind each term in your list and then give shape to your campaign. Hence optimize a page using a term that solves its purpose. Just do not go for high volume terms since they may not be fulfilling the purpose of the page. 

Also the contents should be aiming at the purpose as well. For a product page the contents should be persuasive speak about the attributes of the product or products and convert the visit into a purchase. In case if informational pages the research should be intense and the information contained should be unique and solve the visitors queries. Although the visitors understands the page offering better whence they go through the site comprehensively nevertheless on page focus should never be compromised.      

Paying attention to the intent behind each term will enable you to understand the campaign that your SEO consultant is shaping. Even when you content writer is creating pages you can instruct him the purpose of your website. Most of the clients who go for  cheap website design and development do not pay attention to this aspect and the final result is totally unproductive. 

The crux of this content is that it should be shaped accordingly to the purpose of the visitors and not search engines. Sometimes targeting prime phrases could be a futile exercise usually long term phrases act as best conversion piece or deliver on niche information about a topic. 

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Monday, January 7, 2019

Google My Business: Being Placed in Local Search

Google MY Business or GMB is a free tool that enables your first step in local search. When you create a Google Account you avail many of the services provided free by the search company. 

At GMB you have to fill all your information asked for including your location. Once the information has been filled up as asked for you have to verify the listing as demanded. Usually the company sends you a letter with a code to verify your listing. This letter is sent to the address you have mentioned whence filling in the Google MY Business details.   Other means of verification available for you are usually by sms or email.  

While filling in your information in title and details do add some keywords that identify your business well. Actually this tool is apt for businesses but even professions can be highlighted using GMB. The tool also offers an option to create a small site on Google do take the advantage. 

Also chose the business category carefully because you are practically doing local search engine optimization so accuracy and relevance of information will count. Also add descriptive images for better conversions since image works better than a thousands words. 

There is an option to link your posts so if you are blogging about your topic add the content URLS here. This is good way to exhibit your authority and create a reputation online.     

Proper information will place you in Google Search Local Listing and your business or profession will get good exposure.  

My Google Website listed in GMP

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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Nitty Gritty of Technical Seo For Better Site Perfromance

Being a practitioner of content based promotion techniques, I am not a programmer or a technical person, but here I wish to inform you that technical aspects of website tuning are important. These action fine tune the website and can be executed with the help of your website programmer or designer. 

Technical SEO practices enable fine tuning of the code and scripts which may be preventing the SE robots from properly crawling and indexing the website. SEO provides solutions such that all targeted content pages are smoothly crawled and indexed by the crawlers.   

If you use the Google site operator you will get a whole list of pages that have been successfully indexed by the search engine and have found a place on the SERPs.  You can discover these pages by logging in the search console as well. The pages which contain <noindex> in the meta will not be indexed and so will the pages which have been excluded in the robot.txt file. If this is by error please rectify it with immediate effect. 

Dynamic pages can sometimes use too long to respond and may not be indexed properly due to time out issues. 

For some reasons if two pages exists on a website make one canonical in order to avoid duplicate issue.

Session IDs where the server serves same content to the different persons using a changed ID where in a number is added to the URL path. This can cause a duplication problem and the page may be penalized due to confusion caused. 

This problem can also occur due to URL parameter of filtering on eCommerce Site thus producing  the same page content with a different URL.  

A wrongly placed redirect could also cause problems discuss with technical guy in your team. 

Due to some error the page not indexed could be wrongly responding with 404 code. 

Fetch As Google

If the on the search console the number of indexed pages shown does not match with total number of indexable pages in your database you have a crawling issue. Use fetch as google to ascertain the indexing.  

Making A Site Mobile Friendly 

This activity makes the site flexible enough to be show on mobile screens and the changing on link architecture including spaces between the links plausible. 

Create acceptable spaces between the links. Make the size of the font readable. Also the contrast between background and text should be appreciable.

Set up a view port in the meta which instructs browsers to resize according to the mobile screen.
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1, minimum-scale=1" />

Increase the site speed by optimizing images making them lightweight for images may comprise sixty percent of website weight.  There are many tools that enable online compression. Search on the Net. 

Compressing codes. By compressing codes the website become faster and that helps in user experience or UX as well as decreases bounce rate and hence increase conversions. The two ideal tools for compressing scripts. html, etc are deflate and Gzip. Compression is subject to acceptance by the server.     

For those who understand coding and server programming or management. Here is link offering details of how to compress files for websites .

Also use minification to remove unused elements link comments, variables, formatting and function names all that are used during the programming or are not needed at all. 

Read in detail: Technical Seo 

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Friday, January 4, 2019

Keyword Analysis & Seo Campaign

Keyword analysis, and then making a list of search terms is an impertinent task else right in the middle of SEO Campaign you will end up with two left feet. 

Seo engineering is a must, if your client offers promotion of site which already has contents. Before editing the contents you must first analyze the site fully. What exactly is it offering or speaking about? 

If you are going to write the contents then create a content sketch, confirm with the client...then making a profile of terms will become very easy. 

Once you have come to conclusion as to what the website is about, edit contents with possible addition of right phrases if deemed fit. Though keywords crop up in the contents naturally... but anyway if the contents are well explanatory the presence of search terms need not be there. 

Anyway people like us will add the terms as alt text. On a webpage keywords are added naturally in the title and meta. Even the URL naming should be done using related phrases. With semantic indexing in place your well written content sums up for a keyword and helps search engines understand what the page is all about. 

Anyway as mentioned above the terms and sentence in the title should be explaining the page in right context. What the page is all about? 

Keyword research is required since whence building backlinks you will have to use a plethora of terms which are closely related. Often natural link building takes place for useful websites which brings in variations in anchor...but be careful the natural linking for popular sites may contain repeated terms which is a potential for disaster as your site could be penalized. Hence term variation through your anchors will dilute such potential anomaly.       

Link building is a must, for quality links create them in contents sites which are published after editorial scrutiny. Such contents apart from creating an authority will also invite referrals which provide a necessary mix of traffic and are a great potential for web saturation. Hence take the "nofollow" sites seriously for content publication like articles, blogs and promote site on nofollow directories because they are safe. Create as many referral as you can for direct leads.  

In order to analyze related terms or phrases you should first take on a deep study of the topic. Chalk out the purpose of the contents and logically make a list of keywords. For example when you are promoting a tea will contain pages selling various types of  leaves - organic, green, darjeeling, white and black tea. So if it is an eCommerce site you have list of natural search terms:

  • buy tea
  • green tea
  • buy green tea online
  • buy tea online
  • buy Darjeeling tea
  • Darjeeling tea 

Thus from the site you can draw a list of terms to be used as anchor. Deeper understanding of the topic leads to further discovery of related terms which can be used in anchors. :
  • Certified Darjeeling tea
  • CTC Darjeeling tea 
  • buy dust tea
  • buy loose leaf tea
  • buy black tea leaves
  • buy organic black tea
  • buy spiced tea
  • buy chai tea
  • buy masala chai 
  • buy masala chai dust 

Your repertoire of terms will increase as you study the topic further...this you will do anyway for creating contents.

Another source of analysis is the Google keyword planner which is available on full scale for its Adwords clients. There are many other tools which are mostly paid. These will give you an idea about how clients click on popular terms. 

What's Trending

Another important activity you should indulge in is to study trends. Keeping a tab on trending is important to discover contemporary customer demand. Hence in recent times iced tea and organic varieties are becoming popular so add them into your list.   

But keep in mind your keyword profile should be strictly relevant for if the site is not selling iced tea then exclude those worlds from the list.             

Other Sources of Information 

Do not seek information online only, read books, find related information in food journals and magazines, newspapers anywhere. Visit a library and dig for greater information. Be innovative in the research work as well.   

Meet industry experts talk to them or communicate with them. Become part of online groups or communities interested in tea or related topic. Join hot beverage forums.  

Targeting The Site   

Targeting the site for high rankings on SERPS strictly in relation to the contents is the right technique. Use contextual terms in your content naturally and sprinkle very low density of chosen terms if you are a stickler for old promotional techniques.   

I think after Google bombing the search engine response to search terms has become strictly closer to what the site contents are about.  Hence keep you list within the range of the topic. 


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Monday, December 31, 2018

Shaping An Online Marketing Strategy & Evolving Search

Whence Internet was newly introduced little did people know that it will evolve from a phenomenal communication tool with extensive outreach to a business paradigm which will come to rule.  The major dimensional thrust for online activities is through a medium we call website or portal effectively powered by social media. 

As Internet evolved website development did too, alongside, and search became more and more efficient in order to retrieve information buried in the saturated labyrinth of  websites, blogs and portals. 

It is search that now dominates website development and dictates terms. The evolution of algorithms is attributed to Sergei Brin and  Larry Page, and like Microsoft Windows the search mechanism has proved to be revolutionary and unbeatable. 

Other companies that came to fore are Bing and Yahoo which are at the best a lean shadow of the giant called Google. More companies are staking claims but will take them eons to dominate i.e. until unless they develop a highly effective search mechanism that fetches desired results in millisecond. 

As the search became popular, companies, professionals, and individuals realised the power, speed and reach of the Internet. Now they can publish their company profiles or themselves online, communicate globally and even sell their wares with ease. The latter is called eCommerce and is the instrument for companies to skyrocket their sales and services. It is online reputation generated through social media that matters immensely.   

From simple link assessment methodology, the algorithms have come a long way and employ diverse metrics to rank and index websites, thus search engine optimization has become more complex and ever evolving. 

Companies and professional which do not have access to good SEO or Internet Marketing professionals need to advertise using PPC (pay per click) or other methods. This is where online strategy formation come forth. Online advertisement through, Adwords, Facebook, Twitter and other sources can be a costly campaign but can deliver.

Before creating huge advertising campaigns a test marketing should be done to gauge product /service popularity and demand online. Large PPC campaigns should be inducted only if tests succeed else it will result in revenue leakage.  

For most businesses, professionals and individuals online presence is essential for their survival. Land based business doing well may accord little importance to presence on Net, but sooner or later this alternate medium will strike them.   

PPC campaign can be costly and should be supported by organic traffic which Internet Marketing professionals or companies generate. A singular approach apart from costing huge sums can be lacklustre. Though search engine optimization cost money it is less expensive and can help reduce advertisement budget spent on PPC. Plus social media activity is essential under any circumstance since it builds reputation and enlivens brands which PPC does not do.  

For an online presence it is imperative that the instrument be it a portal or blog subscribes to guidelines of major search engines. That means link architecture, contents and other attributes like images, graphics and videos should be of quality and well optimized. Mobile friendly sites have become essential as the search evolves on cellular medium.

These aspects may not be given importance to sites subscribing to PPC alone. In online business not only SE guidelines matter, usability and ability to convert effectively matters as well in order to generate business.     

In fact the search engine guidelines are key to effective website development and subscribing to them means better results on the Net. With the induction of new technologies product displays, merchandise and self propaganda is becoming more appealing drawing huge crowds to make businesses profitable. In effect the eCommerce portals are making a significant dent on offline sales and in cases they have become indispensable.    

Hence those seeking online presence should hire quality, technically able, web development companies along with experienced Internet Marketing professionals, content writers and graphic designers. A well developed portal, mix of social media activity, search engine optimization and online advertisement campaigns makes a sound strategy.   

Dominating the SERPS is the key to success on the Internet.

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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Researching Keywords & Contents A Wise Approach

Though using keywords tools are the regular means of finding the important search terms, it is usually a bad experience since the extensive one's are paid. The best solutions for making a list of useful terms is to study the topics in books, letters and the SERPs literally speaking. 

With the complexity of ranking algorithms there is no possibility of coming across magical search terms that would invite tons of organic traffic. It is best to list a large number of terms which are long and semantic in nature. This way you will sideline competition to a good degree and rank quicker. In the contemporary period ranking on prime keywords is nigh difficult and if your seo practices are good you even then it will take a long time to rank.

Will your client wait that long?    

Hence understanding the topic is most important...if the contents of the site have been already written. Else understand what the client wish the site to be about, and then first write contents naturally using a good mix of semantic terms and proper ratio of prime or exact terms. 

Besides understanding the topic thoroughly take into accounts the trends and demands that surrounds a topic or a product. This will fetch you closer to the right content, and surely right search terms will emerge. If you type the terms from the list you have made and query them on SERPs you will deepen your list with more discoveries. Remember your site will only rank for terms that are relevant as shown by the content on page. Trying to rank on words and phrases outside the purview of onpage contents will be a meaningless exercise. The contents should be pointing towards words and phrases and you can rank only on these and the semantic of course. Do not waste time on high ranking phrases if they are not relevant to your contents. 

Hence first most important task is the focus on contents...are they written suitably to what the website means to deliver. Accuracy is a must in the write ups done not write for the SE's. Good contents can be delivered only by a good writer who understands SEO very well. At the same time he should have the capacity to research. What I am putting emphasis upon is that contents and keywords are intertwined and the latter should have a diverse profile. Relevancy is what explains the engines better about the topic else a confused status means very poor ranking on SERPs.    

If you are promoting a hotel website then besides the hotel terms you can rank poorly on resort and lodge terms. Ranking on related terms may be weak but they will accord you a proper mix of terms for links to be used as anchors which is imperative. Simply put  you cannot go on using a term for long in anchor.    

Hence deep research and study of the topic is a prerequisite for discovering search terms. And then these will play an important role in the whole promotional strategy. This is a make or break activity so be on alert constantly. Throughout the search engine optimization campaign you should be discovering new words and phrases which are relevant. Focusing on wrong terms will certainly lead to failure and client dissatisfaction.   

Extensive research will also help you on Adwords campaigns albeit their keyword planner would of great assistance whence paid search factors are taken into account.

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