Monday, December 25, 2017

Keywords or Search Terms - All You Wanted to Know

The introduction of search engines brought in a universal term called keyword or search term. The client and the SEO consultant or specialist whatever you call him or her both understood the significance of this term. I do not hesitate to say that it is a mystery term and all SEOs or webmasters try to unravel the hidden secret behind in order to open the Pandora's box and create traffic.   

The term has to be of course topic relevant indicating the query and often associate meaning like the location or type etc. Extracting search terms usually begins at a nascent stage whence the webmaster comes across the contents.

In the initial stages the professional will go through the whole website analysing its architecture, design, content, design parameters, topics and even the aesthetics. All these elements of a website are important hence in order to make an SEO campaign successful one needs to analyse them and then edit or change attributes that the webmaster thinks are closer to the guidelines set by the search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.      

The research and analysis is important and all webmasters conduct it. Keyword research takes prominence as it is the guiding light of the campaign. Choosing the right search terms means high conversions which definitely spells success.    

Visitors to search engines look for answer to their queries and hence type the most relevant keyword they think will fetch the right answer. But webmaster extended the terms because one types terms that may not be similar to to another searcher but often the result looked for is the same. Hence while on person may type "hotels in Jabalpur" another may type "accommodation in Jabalpur". Both are seeking the same answer but the query typed in differs. Hence for the same search keyword typed in varies vastly and this means a website has to respond to many terms for good traffic.

During the search engine optimisation process the website is optimised on many search terms provided the content or related matter speaks of them. Explanation is simple you cannot optimise a "Jabalpur website" to respond to Mumbai word. This is where relevance comes into the picture whence optimising.

The webmaster has to be aware of focusing of the site and subtle nuances that enable it to offer answers that may be segmented. Hence one Jabalpur hotel website may be offering information on budget hotels another may be offering information on only luxury hotels. This is what fetches in the variation in the terms to be attributed to a website, and hence the list becomes larger and larger whence semantic terms are taken into consideration as well.        

Whence optimising a site the search phrases should usually contain the topic, the location and the relevant kind. This is a terse explanation the variation can be brought about by various attributes.

Whence optimisation the search terms are placed in the title and meta tags "content=description" and "content=keywords". Search engines do not accord weight to meta tags anymore but nevertheless both the elements play an important role in quickly summarising the website offerings for the visitors. Snippets are another means of displaying the offerings on the SERPs and can be easily understood by the search engines as well. 

Keyword profile becomes enhanced with active research and by using your own logic which experience will bring forth. Tools also assist in this process and there many on the Internet for this activity. Google keyword planner is an important tool which is very popular among the webmasters and Adwords advertisers.      

Accurately optimising website is not only dependant on the  title but also on the contents on that page. Usually most typed two or three word phrases are referred as primary/secondary keywords while long worded terms are called long tail keywords. 

At the beginning of the campaign the webmaster will analyse the contents and edit accordingly depending upon the terms it has to be focused on. A comprehensive right up will lead to including the semantic terms which the search engines understand very well.  This is called SEO content engineering. This has to be carried out on all pages depending upon their corresponding terms. 

Keywords are also inserted in the image Alt tags. But it is wiser to insert term to explain the picture and not the terms aimed at.

The assemblage of  search terms explain to the visitor what the page is all about and also assist the search engine algorithms to index the page correctly. Correct placement of terms be they primary or long tailed also assists the search engine algorithms to rank the site taking into account all the metric involved.                      

Links & Creating Referrals

Link Building is an exercise to influence the search engine rankings. A link points to owner's website from a given source also known as inbound links they were created for sole purpose of ranking higher on the SERPs. 

How Come? 

Well during the early evolution period the algorithms judged websites from the number of inbound or external links pointing to them. This enabled the search engines to rate them higher and rank them high as well. Although other factors did count links were primary signals which search engines respected. This is how their indexing and ranking programs were shaped. 

Not so anymore random link building does not result in appreciable climb upwards. But if you have authoritative or natural inks they still count and can rank your website higher. Links tell a lot about the site to the ranking algorithms. They remain as core of the algorithms even today. However random link building from non authoritative sources can lead to a penalty.     

But then links are not built for the purpose as highlighted above. No follow links are as useful if built rightly with topic relevancy on authoritative sight. Hence a large number of links should be built using the "nofollow" sites. I am sure this will not lead to a penalty. The links also act as referrals leading to the website. This activity should always be in the SEO Campaigns. The principal is simply high referral traffic from topic relevant source can lead to higher enquiries and hence higher conversions.   

Just be careful if links are built on spammy, ill reputed sites the website could be penalised. Hence be careful the best is to create a master website or blog with unique contents to attract natural links. Search engines respect natural links and can lead to upgrading the domain authority very quickly.         

Friday, December 22, 2017

Infographic What It Is?

When you combine pictures, drawing or any other graphic element in a template what you get is an infographic. This has become a major tool for promotion as well as propaganda. Data, information, statistics knowledge all can be brought out in an infographic. 

This has become a major promotional tool in Internet Marketing and a link building tool for search engine optimisation. The evolution has taken place in the past few years and is mostly used for mass communication on the Net. 

The use of free tools has really revolutionised the Internet and this phenomenon is one of them. A large number of sites now offer design tools along with templates to build an attractive design with text information for the purpose.  There are a vast majority of topics or categories that one can segment to create graphic relevancy online.  It is purely up to the ingenuity of the creator of what impact he or she can achieve. The assimilation of data, information, product description, company description, attractive quotes, beautiful eye catching designs create a  master graphic which can be the sales or a message tool on the Internet. 

Graphics can also be created using illustration or visualisation tools or using computer software. The latter is the preferred mode because it is time saving versatile.       

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have experienced proliferation of infographics along with many other platforms used in networking in social media.   

"A picture is worth a thousand words." This is what the infographic can do.   

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Content Publishing for Digital Marketing

Content is the key to online success believe it or not. Creating contents on multiple media is good for your publicity and acceptance by a large audience. With specialised contents the possibility of forming a niche audience group that is relevant to your business  and profession increases. This is the group which will convert faster to goods and services you are selling online.     

Content creation could be in form of articles, news, info-graphic, blog entries, videos or podcasts to name some. you can even publish contents on your personal website or indulge in guest blogging on other's blogs. Web syndication is another means to spread your content to other sites similarly free contents find their way on other resources through natural linking and this is what is extremely good for search engine optimisation. The more natural links the better. 

To create first you should be a good writer with understanding of vast topics or a niche. Good articulated writing in anecdotal form does wonders on the Net. It attracts readers in hordes forming a group that which you can target to push merchandise or your services.    

Apart from blogging contents can be in form of How To or information articles. These are read popularly on the Internet at article publishing sites and sites with high level of editorial scrutiny. Creating videos or podcast is also popular to promote goods and services online. Podcasts are an infusion of sound (mp3) and pictures with a message. They are downloaded by the users  

In order to create contents you have to be good. You have to be creative and a good writer first of all.  In depth understanding of the numerous mediums to promote your content is essential. Good designing skills enable creation of infographics which are popular of many an interface as daily push outs to promote your brand and eventually gain business.  

Images and video play an important role in making contents appealing and attract lots of readers. Add these interactive elements within the content creation. Make contents highly interesting to create a big follower base.  This is a doorway for a successful online presence use it!

Essential for New Website Owners - Must Read

In today's World you are nowhere without a website if you are a professional, businessmen, service provider, artists or any profession that matters. Hence you should own a website if you do not get one now before your competitors beat you...or you become a non entity online.    

Online presence is a must in this Internet Era. The other alternative is a blog, well if you are a blogger you need to have a customised blog or you can use blog providers like Blogger, Wordpress or Typepad. There are more but these are most stable. 

It is different from owning a website than having a blog. The latter is for writers who are good at it with a mastery of their subject. In case of website you can hire a professional writer to fill in the contents while in case of being a blogger your inputs have to be regular with optimised contents and possibly in an anecdotal manner. 

Website Attributes: 


Whence you decide to own a website you have to first register a domain this will be done by your web designer since you will need one. Choose a domain pertaining to your brand if you own a company. Choose a domain using profession based keywords with your name in it if you wish. The name should be easily memorable and include only two or three words. Do not register a lengthy one. Your domain should be National Level like .in or or etc. This will help in local or countrywide search.   

Th domain should be in your name and the address mentioned should be yours. Be very clear about this.   

Web Design 

Website development is usually a quick fire job for those who do not wish to invest properly. Well web development is a professional task with many essentials that have to be part of it. Be wary of aesthetics whence finalising a design. No cheap stuff, take your time and discuss with the designer what should be delivered. Take help from someone you know who can assist in this matter or trust the website designer. But just do not accept anything. No cheap stuff! 

Contents & Images

Well written contents are a must they should be informative and unique. Not a copy beware! Hire a professional website content writer. 

Proper content creation would contain all necessary relevant topics with a hierarchy based structure. The main pages should contain information that is most important and relevant.       

Properly formatted with use of paragraphs, sub headings and headings. The images should be optimised, light weight and of high density. The image should add to what the contents tell. 

The main page should summarise the offerings and should contain main search terms limited to three or four percent. Each inner page should have relevant contents of at least 250 words with search terms limited to three or four percent. 

Link Architecture 

The whole collection of pages should form a user friendly easily navigable architecture. Proper link architecture will contain short URLs embedded with relevant keywords. Relevancy is very import for a website hence one should not waver from the topic. 

The website should contain proper address and contact particulars like email and phone numbers. For exact geo-location be precise. 


Ask the designer to provide quality trusted hosting for your site. This will result in no outages or incursion by malware etc.  


Always hire good web designer, an Internet Marketing expert and professional content writer. This is one time investment do not economise.  

Just keep in mid these basics and the end result would be grand.    

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Web Browser Software & Application Protocols

What you see, download, listen, record all has become possible thanks to the web browser. It is nothing but a software application that has been made interactive is such a manner that all said above has become a reality. This is what has made the Internet so popular - windows & web browser.   

For retrieving that all that is contained in a website, blog, video, audio the web browser interprets the URL. Modern browsers are equipped with GUI or graphic user interface. The user or the visitor is the retriever to whom the browser fetches information as per the URL. Hence the person inputs the URL information in the address bar or in case of SERPs he or she clicks on the desired link similarly one can click on an external link embedded on the website or blog etc. Plugin assist in enabling the retrieval of  application that is not part of the browser. Like wise browser extension enhance the functionality for a better user experience. Web browsers are enabled with many associated features like history, bookmarking facility and so on usually managed from the settings.  

Some of the popular web browsers are Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari and Microsoft edge.          

HTTP or HTTPS      

Enable this retrieval is http: or https: which is a hyper text transfer protocol the latter is secured where data is transferred in an encrypted form hence most preferred as well. The protocol is meant to enable request and subsequent response for the web browser. In simple terms the protocol enables the client to receive response from the server where the website if hosted. This is not just one request but rather a sequence of requests from the server using the TCP or transfer control protocol. There may be substantial number of queries arising from request for image, content, audio and scripts embedded in the html page using the http protocol. The HTTP consists of the protocol that is http: or https: followed by www then followed by domain name which could be .com. edu. .org, country specific name and so on.      


This information travels over TCP and then IP (Internet Protocal) and the response travels backwards to the users browser. The URL above is also known as the top level domain or TLD for short.   

Name Servers & ICANN

The name server is where the domain is hosted. They are served by root name servers or root zones that  converts the alphabetical request into numerical request. There are total thirteen root zones managed by an organisation called ICANN the full form is International Corporation of Assigned Name and Numbers. 

This name server is clubbed with the hosting server where the website is placed. Hence the request is instantly connected with the right address.     

Server Queries & Downloading speed. 

Though not related server queries end up making the download slower as the browser is able to send only a few queries at a time. Hence the design of the HTML page should be such that few queries are entertained which results of faster download.     

Website download speed is usually a comparison between the website on SERPS that respond to a user request in form of a keyword typed on Google page. Hence whence compared with fastest website downloading in one second the one that takes five second to download is deemed slower. 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Computer Application - Operating Systems

An application is usually a software element that executes certain tasks as required by the user. In this case the software for operations is most crucial and is known as the operating system or O/S. This is the application that manages both the hardware and software constituents of the computer be it a desk top, lap top or a smartphone.  

A large number of software applications and tools are uploaded on the computer with assistance of O/S. Without the O/S this would not be possible and function able.  


Windows operating system is most popularly used interface. Designed by Microsoft Corporation it is available in many formats. MS-DOS was the standard operating system in use before Windows arrived.   

Windows differ from text based presentation as they provide graphic user interface capabilities.  This makes it possible to present visuals such as graphics, photos, videos besides text. GUI uses a large number of technologies that are incorporated in the operating systems. The use of mouse along with the keyboard is enabled in GUI based systems for Desk Tops.        

For a networking environment where large number of computers are connected with a server Windows NT is used. 


Build around the Linux Kernal this is an open source operating system. The kernal was released by Linus Trovalds in ninety one.  Priginally developed for PCs it has evolved into a server version as well. it find popularity as domination on smartphones using the Android O/S which is Linux kernel based.


A series of multitasking operating systems UNIX initially meant to be used for Bell Systems was licensed to many parties resulting in many variants. Entirely programmed using C  which made it possible to operate on multiple platforms. Many operating systems derived from UNIX have emerged of which Linux is the most popular.  

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Web Hosting

Where does a website and all its part reside? This question should be asked by all website owners. Few owners pay heed to it and are hence entirely at the mercy of web designers and developers.  You need a good hosting space which is well protected against invasions and is stable 24/7 without any outages.  

The websites are hosted on hosting servers with enhanced attributes and capabilities. There are many types of spaces available on sharing or dedicated bases. 

Some company offer tools online for users to build website for their purpose. For domain they are allotted a sub domain as per their preferences. Some template suppliers allow users to build website and accord their own domain name. Though such companies offer advance tools and facilities for users to build their own website the functioning and seo friendliness could be limited.   

A collocated hosting means to purchase and control web server at hosting service provider company. You can install or add scripts or applications you prefer as advance features since you have full control over the space.   

Some hosting space make it possible to host interactive pages this is known as ASP hosting service.

The type of servers the hosting companies provide varies they usually provide Window or Linux servers. While the servers function well enough to host website the difference could be a personal choice necessitated by features required and the cost.       

Hosted website is made, controlled or edited using the control panel with complex features. The FTP access can also be created using the C Panel. While C Panel can make advance editing difficult the FTP or file transfer protocol features enables one to download pages, scripts, etc on personal computer using an FTP Tool. The website can then be fully edited using advance editors.    

The hosting services offer different types of plans depending upon space required, bandwidth,  hosting type, email and other advance capabilities.    

If your computer is equipped with WWW hosting software and your ISP permits you can host website yourself. But keeping in mind the complexities of hosting requirements you should use professional services. 

Domain Name & DNS

It is too difficult to remember IP addresses hence domain names have come into the picture. Domain names are associated with the websites and resolve into the assigned number. It is essential to register a domain name for a website.  


In order to connect domain name to the associated IP address DNS or domain name service is required. The service keeps track of domain names and their associated IP addresses. The DNS servers contain a section of the domain database and whence the right address is not located in the server the request is diverted to another till eventually the corresponding IP address is located.   

In case of a registered domain name the address is clubbed with the IP address of the hosting sever where the directory resides. This how a website becomes visible to us upon request. Whence a domain name is typed on the address bar of the browser a request is made to the DNS server clubbed with it. 

While configuring TCP/IP a primary DNS number is assigned which is actually a getaway to number of name servers which makes search possible for the right IP address.  

Domain Name Registration 

In order to register a domain name one needs service of a domain registrar who registers the name at ICANN. A fee is involved which you have to pay to the registrar for one year or more depending upon you. After the expiry period your site will not be visible since the associated name is no longer yours. Anyway you get forty five days to renew the name else it goes to an open pool such that anyone can register it in his own name.   

Who Is? 

These sites provide complete details of the domain name. The name of the registrant his address and contact details. The name server details are also available. The date of registration, date of updating and expiry can also be found.     

Monday, December 11, 2017

Understanding The Internet

Initiated as a network between two computers using a phone line this phenomenon has grown exponentially into an indispensable extension of our lives. How we communicate, search for information to satisfy our queries and conduct eCommerce all depends upon this extensive networking of computers and servers using various kinds of communication lines not only the phone.  

Within this vast network exists small private networks, institutional networks closed groups and many social media platforms that play varied roles.


The websites are hosted on the cyber space provided by the servers and then networked. This exponentially expanding space is known as the WWW or World Wide Web. Each resource is having a unique locator called URL which stands for universal resource locator.       

IP Address

Since the Internet is a web of millions of computers each computer must have a recognition and this comes about by each having an IP address. The protocol denotes that the IP address should be a number ranging from 0 to 255 in format nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn

A computer always has a unique IP address but in various types of networks a temporary address can be assigned during the connected session. This can happen in the case of LAN through the DHCP or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. In case of ISP or Internet Service Provider a temporary IP address is assigned.      

Packets & Protocol Stack & TCP/IP 

The Internet date flowing from a computer through a phone line is always in manageable packets which are electronic signals they are then converted back into alphabetical signals on your machine. This is done using the protocol stack which is built into the operating system. The protocol is referred as TCP/IP.      

The message flow from one computer to another is through the application to the hardware Ethernet cable and modem to another computer hardware using the Internet. Here it is sent to the application using the protocol.   


to specific application using a port number
IP  to specific computer using IP address

A reverse sequence then followed using the TCP/IP protocol.