Friday, December 22, 2017

Infographic What It Is?

When you combine pictures, drawing or any other graphic element in a template what you get is an infographic. This has become a major tool for promotion as well as propaganda. Data, information, statistics knowledge all can be brought out in an infographic. 

This has become a major promotional tool in Internet Marketing and a link building tool for search engine optimisation. The evolution has taken place in the past few years and is mostly used for mass communication on the Net. 

The use of free tools has really revolutionised the Internet and this phenomenon is one of them. A large number of sites now offer design tools along with templates to build an attractive design with text information for the purpose.  There are a vast majority of topics or categories that one can segment to create graphic relevancy online.  It is purely up to the ingenuity of the creator of what impact he or she can achieve. The assimilation of data, information, product description, company description, attractive quotes, beautiful eye catching designs create a  master graphic which can be the sales or a message tool on the Internet. 

Graphics can also be created using illustration or visualisation tools or using computer software. The latter is the preferred mode because it is time saving versatile.       

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have experienced proliferation of infographics along with many other platforms used in networking in social media.   

"A picture is worth a thousand words." This is what the infographic can do.   

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