Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Web Hosting

Where does a website and all its part reside? This question should be asked by all website owners. Few owners pay heed to it and are hence entirely at the mercy of web designers and developers.  You need a good hosting space which is well protected against invasions and is stable 24/7 without any outages.  

The websites are hosted on hosting servers with enhanced attributes and capabilities. There are many types of spaces available on sharing or dedicated bases. 

Some company offer tools online for users to build website for their purpose. For domain they are allotted a sub domain as per their preferences. Some template suppliers allow users to build website and accord their own domain name. Though such companies offer advance tools and facilities for users to build their own website the functioning and seo friendliness could be limited.   

A collocated hosting means to purchase and control web server at hosting service provider company. You can install or add scripts or applications you prefer as advance features since you have full control over the space.   

Some hosting space make it possible to host interactive pages this is known as ASP hosting service.

The type of servers the hosting companies provide varies they usually provide Window or Linux servers. While the servers function well enough to host website the difference could be a personal choice necessitated by features required and the cost.       

Hosted website is made, controlled or edited using the control panel with complex features. The FTP access can also be created using the C Panel. While C Panel can make advance editing difficult the FTP or file transfer protocol features enables one to download pages, scripts, etc on personal computer using an FTP Tool. The website can then be fully edited using advance editors.    

The hosting services offer different types of plans depending upon space required, bandwidth,  hosting type, email and other advance capabilities.    

If your computer is equipped with WWW hosting software and your ISP permits you can host website yourself. But keeping in mind the complexities of hosting requirements you should use professional services. 

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