Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Computer Application - Operating Systems

An application is usually a software element that executes certain tasks as required by the user. In this case the software for operations is most crucial and is known as the operating system or O/S. This is the application that manages both the hardware and software constituents of the computer be it a desk top, lap top or a smartphone.  

A large number of software applications and tools are uploaded on the computer with assistance of O/S. Without the O/S this would not be possible and function able.  


Windows operating system is most popularly used interface. Designed by Microsoft Corporation it is available in many formats. MS-DOS was the standard operating system in use before Windows arrived.   

Windows differ from text based presentation as they provide graphic user interface capabilities.  This makes it possible to present visuals such as graphics, photos, videos besides text. GUI uses a large number of technologies that are incorporated in the operating systems. The use of mouse along with the keyboard is enabled in GUI based systems for Desk Tops.        

For a networking environment where large number of computers are connected with a server Windows NT is used. 


Build around the Linux Kernal this is an open source operating system. The kernal was released by Linus Trovalds in ninety one.  Priginally developed for PCs it has evolved into a server version as well. it find popularity as domination on smartphones using the Android O/S which is Linux kernel based.


A series of multitasking operating systems UNIX initially meant to be used for Bell Systems was licensed to many parties resulting in many variants. Entirely programmed using C  which made it possible to operate on multiple platforms. Many operating systems derived from UNIX have emerged of which Linux is the most popular.