Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Essential for New Website Owners - Must Read

In today's World you are nowhere without a website if you are a professional, businessmen, service provider, artists or any profession that matters. Hence you should own a website if you do not get one now before your competitors beat you...or you become a non entity online.    

Online presence is a must in this Internet Era. The other alternative is a blog, well if you are a blogger you need to have a customised blog or you can use blog providers like Blogger, Wordpress or Typepad. There are more but these are most stable. 

It is different from owning a website than having a blog. The latter is for writers who are good at it with a mastery of their subject. In case of website you can hire a professional writer to fill in the contents while in case of being a blogger your inputs have to be regular with optimised contents and possibly in an anecdotal manner. 

Website Attributes: 


Whence you decide to own a website you have to first register a domain this will be done by your web designer since you will need one. Choose a domain pertaining to your brand if you own a company. Choose a domain using profession based keywords with your name in it if you wish. The name should be easily memorable and include only two or three words. Do not register a lengthy one. Your domain should be National Level like .in or or etc. This will help in local or countrywide search.   

Th domain should be in your name and the address mentioned should be yours. Be very clear about this.   

Web Design 

Website development is usually a quick fire job for those who do not wish to invest properly. Well web development is a professional task with many essentials that have to be part of it. Be wary of aesthetics whence finalising a design. No cheap stuff, take your time and discuss with the designer what should be delivered. Take help from someone you know who can assist in this matter or trust the website designer. But just do not accept anything. No cheap stuff! 

Contents & Images

Well written contents are a must they should be informative and unique. Not a copy beware! Hire a professional website content writer. 

Proper content creation would contain all necessary relevant topics with a hierarchy based structure. The main pages should contain information that is most important and relevant.       

Properly formatted with use of paragraphs, sub headings and headings. The images should be optimised, light weight and of high density. The image should add to what the contents tell. 

The main page should summarise the offerings and should contain main search terms limited to three or four percent. Each inner page should have relevant contents of at least 250 words with search terms limited to three or four percent. 

Link Architecture 

The whole collection of pages should form a user friendly easily navigable architecture. Proper link architecture will contain short URLs embedded with relevant keywords. Relevancy is very import for a website hence one should not waver from the topic. 

The website should contain proper address and contact particulars like email and phone numbers. For exact geo-location be precise. 


Ask the designer to provide quality trusted hosting for your site. This will result in no outages or incursion by malware etc.  


Always hire good web designer, an Internet Marketing expert and professional content writer. This is one time investment do not economise.  

Just keep in mid these basics and the end result would be grand.