Monday, November 20, 2017

Website Crawl Errors & More

Search engine robots crawl your website to discover pages and then index and rank them. This is part of the ranking mechanism and is an important search engine optimisation issue. The site error as shown in the Google search console are an indicator of design of the site which can create substantial crawl issues.  

The crawl issues usually arise from badly configured robot.txt file which the robots score to find out permissions. This file tells robot which page to crawl or not. In case if the configuration is wrong the whole can be out of the purview of the search engines. This will certainly show crawl error to the tune of hundred percent. Hence immediately peak into the directory in the control panel and rectify. The absence of robot.txt file means that there are no instructions and the crawler will wade through all the pages if possible. 

Another reason for errors creeping are scripts that the robots are not able to decipher. This can also happen whence pages are blocked, directory is mistakenly deleted or pages simply do not exist have been mistakenly or deliberately deleted.     

Low error rates would just mean the site is wrongly configured or over burdened with too many pages. 

Other problems:

DNS Errors: DNS stands for domain name server where the domain is parked the DNs server is clubbed with the hosting server. Issues within this linkage may cause DNS error or some problem with the routing exists.    

Server Errors:  Server is the space where your site of the files and directories are hosted. There could be an error in form slow accessibility whence ther server times out. there could a breach by a virus or malware and related problems.  It could also happen due a mis-configured firewall or operating systems protection. There is a mechanism to block to many server queries this can sometimes go haywire and prevent Googlebot from accessing the files. This usually happens with the dynamic URLs. 

Webmasters can control how their site should be crawled usually pages with not importance are blocked.

There can be many issues the best is to visit a forum and discuss the issue if enough material is not available. 

The FetchAsGoogle Tool in the search console is ideal for checking the crawl ability of your website. Keeping the crawling fluid is important for indexing and ranking hence for SEO.    

A Mobile Friendly Website

If you run through a mobile friendly test tool you will instantly know how you will fare on the smart search. With tremendous popularity of smart phones mobile search has become a norm and has taken over a large percentage of search share on the Internet.  

Being smart operators search engines are quick to acknowledge this fact and in their guidelines they have added attributes that makes a site mobile friendly. It is essential to make a site mobile friendly a not very difficult proposition. you do not have to make another site for this just some changes in the desk top version will do. Call your web designer and ask him to make following changes.   

The text should be readable hence it should not be too small.  

Content should not be wider than the screen

The designer has to set up a viewport meta tag. 
<meta name=viewport content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
(This controls how a page is displayed on the smart phone. Viewport simply controls the width and scaling on any platform used for viewing the site. The control is achieved by passing on instruction to the browser how to display. )    

Clickable elements are set too close. 

In compatible plugin (Probable for sites made using Wordpress.) 

Implementing these changes will make your site easy to read on the smartphones. Another important aspect to consider for mobile friendliness is the download speed which incidentally is also applicable to desk top search.  

In the mobile version arrangement of contents may be arranged in a different manner. This is applicable if you have a mobile version separately made. Though in both format the contents remain the same in mobile version they are arranged differently. 

Adopting a responsive website theme will do away with creating sites for different platforms. Contemporary third party themes can easily be modified to suit usage on smart phones.  

Albeit this is a web design or technical seo issue webmasters should be aware of this technology. They can instruct the web designers to make the necessary changes.   Google provides with a tool to check the website's mobility issues. 

Saturday, November 18, 2017

UX - User Friendly Attributes A Ranking Factor

The aim of search engines to provide right answer to queries submitted by users and that too in a fulfilling way has led to a constant upgrade of the process to index and rank websites on the SERPs. This has led to a complex set of metrics included in the algorithms for the process.

Search engines like Google strive to succeed in making visitors happy with the outcome of their search. Another reason for the constant evolution is to prevent webmasters from manipulating ranking for their clients in a wrongful manner. Nevertheless using the right permissible techniques optimisation helps in better rankings and hence greater traffic to the sites.   

Though a web design elements UX is a topic that a search engine professional has to fully understand.  Content plays a major role in user satisfaction but no not alone it is the overall experience that matters. The website experienced well matters a lot to the visitors hence it has to be user friendly containing many pleasant features like fast high resolution images, videos, easy navigability accorded a well made link architecture and even proper URL naming. 

Metrics like mobile friendliness, download speed, optimum readability, bounce rate, funnel created by visitors and relevancy can be gauged by the search engine programs or algorithms. Hence the process of ranking is influenced by factors described above not only the links pointing to the website.         

The user matters and repeat visits along with the usage data are signals that search engines can gauge and reward the site accordingly.  Search engine optimisation leads to better understanding and interpretation of the website by search engines this has now been integrated with user experience. Other factors that influence a websites ranking are relevancy, content, domain authority, spamming and so on. 

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Friday, November 17, 2017

Getting Started AMP Pages

These pages are specially added in a website for mobile search they are not   rendered well in the desk top. It is quite apparent that the search engines are taking AMP development seriously. It will certainly boost ranking to some extent if AMP pages along with structured data is included in the link architecture wisely.    

The AMP pages are actually duplicate pages that of the original but they include canonical instruction wherein the issue is resolved.

The Tag to be added to AMP Page

<link rel="canonical" href="https:///domainname/url/to/full/document.html">

The full form is Accelerated Mobile Pages, the pages are meant to deliver experience on the smart phones due to their ability to download faster. Certain features like images that would hardly be seen are sacrificed.  

Web designers familiar with regular HTML should have no difficulty with AMP HTML which is in truth a subset of the former. Whence an Amp page is added to the website a discovery tag has to be added to the original version. It is also wise to add structured data to amp pages.

Discovery Tag to be Added to Non AMP Page or the original version.

<link rel="amphtml" href="https://domainname/url/to/amp/document.html">

AMP Plugin          
Word Press Implementation 

The AMP plugin for Wordpress is being developed and is available at GitHub. After installation you can append “/amp/” to the permalink or use “?amp=1” as the case maybe. The Amp plugin would also append rel=amphtml tag for easy validation.

Along with this also use chrome validation for the page. For validation go to the AMP page in Chrome and append “#development=1” to the end of the URL. Press Control + Shift + I to open Developer Tools and go to the Console. Press refresh for successful validation.

Also validate all the AMP pages and keep in mind to specify height and width for images besides any other changes that may be required.

Another Plugin Wordpress

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

WordPress & Plugins


With increasing popularity the open source content management system WordPress offers many features for an impressive website development. WordPress has to be installed in a web server like that or WordPress itself to function. The systems is popular not only for website  management but for blogging as well.   

Based on PHP and MySQL has a web template system using a processor. The CMS allows induction of many themes depending upon users personal choice allowing to choose the desired look and functionality.  The WordPress theme directory lists many themes which can be used without making any payments. Premium themes can be purchased from open market or from specialist theme developers. 

WordPress Plugins 

Using plugin on can enhanced architecture the features and functions  can be greatly increased with the system as base. The plugins are usually provided by the system itself but external plugins are also available. The latter should be subject to constant upgrade else in time to come they lose their utility. The plugins are installed using the dashboard or  using FTP to install them manually. Plugins useful for on page optimisation are  most popular Yoast SEO liked by many users. Plugins that enable addition of structured data are also available. 

How To Install 

Installation is easy. You can download the plugin in a folder in your computer. This can then be installed by logging into WP. In the admin area you will find a button for add new plugin browse for it in the computer and install. In the right folder use install feature in the admin area.  After installation activate or deactivate feature can be used as your wish.    

More About
The search engine friendly clean permalink architecture is a feature that is one of the reason for its success on the Net. The ability to assign description, keywords and categories enable smooth indexing by the search engines. The WordPress sites sticking closely to guidelines set by search engines are naturally acclimatised to perform well on the SERPs according to my experience. 

The system does have security issues nevertheless constant development has lead to multiple features in tandem with design and development World on Net. 

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

More on Accelerated Mobile Pages

Creating and adding accelerated mobile pages also apply to being Google friendly. Albeit this development concerns web designers webmasters should be well aware. The preference given to such pages is for faster indexing and downloading by browsers. They find preferred  status in mobile search results naturally. 

The Amp icon lets mobile user quickly select these pages for better experience. The pages download instantly. Adding structured data to pages could enable its presence in rich results or carousal.  A viewport should b placed as per mobile friendly specifications.  

AMP HTML format is a subset of HTML  used for authoring content pages. The subset tends to contain less functionality geared it is for faster download in order to save time for the user.  This calls for minimising queries and avoiding images that are unlikely to be seen the the user.  Necessary image should contain size in order to download faster. 

A canonical tag should point to itself or to the regular HTML page in order to avoid duplicate content issue.  

Read More About AMP Project 

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Google Knowledge Panel

When you search for local information pertaining to people, business, restaurants, movies etc on the right/top side of the organic results you get a knowledge panel. 

Knowledge Panel offers wide scale information on wide variety of topics as mentioned above.   The panel helps visitors get more information about the topic, person or and entity. Plus you also get as link the website and directions as to the way to reach, working hours and more. The panels are  local as well as global the latter with more information upon a wider search, closing hours, days and even reviews..   

How you have optimised the My Business Page will reflect upon the Knowledge Panel. But the visibility of your business is also dependent upon distance, relevance to the search and may be some other factors.

Verifying your business in My Business Page is extremely important albeit this may not guarantee presence on the Knowledge Panel.  The MBP is also a place where in you can submit accurate information about your business which will incidentally also help in the presence in local search. 

Read More on Google Knowledge Panel ==============================

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Rich Snippets Using Structured Data

Snippets created using structured data can help in accurately indexing and can even enhance your lists.

In order to provide more information to search engines other than content webmasters use snippets. This is structured data is a standardised format which helps in providing explicit clues to search engines. This is because each and every individual characteristic of topic is labelled separately.      

In order to create structured data snippets there are many formats available standardised by Schema.Org. 

For example you can add your location in the website may be in the footer. The visitors will understand this perfectly well. But the search engines may not....  Using Schema markup you can successfully tell search engines the location in a coding they understand more accurately.  

There are many tools available to be embedded into a webpage with detailing tags. The code is generated using tools and plugins for WordPress.    

When adding properties in data highlighter please be succinct adding just enough for informative snippet.

For more information please visit


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