Monday, November 20, 2017

A Mobile Friendly Website

If you run through a mobile friendly test tool you will instantly know how you will fare on the smart search. With tremendous popularity of smart phones mobile search has become a norm and has taken over a large percentage of search share on the Internet.  

Being smart operators search engines are quick to acknowledge this fact and in their guidelines they have added attributes that makes a site mobile friendly. It is essential to make a site mobile friendly a not very difficult proposition. you do not have to make another site for this just some changes in the desk top version will do. Call your web designer and ask him to make following changes.   

The text should be readable hence it should not be too small.  

Content should not be wider than the screen

The designer has to set up a viewport meta tag. 
<meta name=viewport content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
(This controls how a page is displayed on the smart phone. Viewport simply controls the width and scaling on any platform used for viewing the site. The control is achieved by passing on instruction to the browser how to display. )    

Clickable elements are set too close. 

In compatible plugin (Probable for sites made using Wordpress.) 

Implementing these changes will make your site easy to read on the smartphones. Another important aspect to consider for mobile friendliness is the download speed which incidentally is also applicable to desk top search.  

In the mobile version arrangement of contents may be arranged in a different manner. This is applicable if you have a mobile version separately made. Though in both format the contents remain the same in mobile version they are arranged differently. 

Adopting a responsive website theme will do away with creating sites for different platforms. Contemporary third party themes can easily be modified to suit usage on smart phones.  

Albeit this is a web design or technical seo issue webmasters should be aware of this technology. They can instruct the web designers to make the necessary changes.   Google provides with a tool to check the website's mobility issues. 

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