Saturday, November 18, 2017

UX - User Friendly Attributes A Ranking Factor

The aim of search engines to provide right answer to queries submitted by users and that too in a fulfilling way has led to a constant upgrade of the process to index and rank websites on the SERPs. This has led to a complex set of metrics included in the algorithms for the process.

Search engines like Google strive to succeed in making visitors happy with the outcome of their search. Another reason for the constant evolution is to prevent webmasters from manipulating ranking for their clients in a wrongful manner. Nevertheless using the right permissible techniques optimisation helps in better rankings and hence greater traffic to the sites.   

Though a web design elements UX is a topic that a search engine professional has to fully understand.  Content plays a major role in user satisfaction but no not alone it is the overall experience that matters. The website experienced well matters a lot to the visitors hence it has to be user friendly containing many pleasant features like fast high resolution images, videos, easy navigability accorded a well made link architecture and even proper URL naming. 

Metrics like mobile friendliness, download speed, optimum readability, bounce rate, funnel created by visitors and relevancy can be gauged by the search engine programs or algorithms. Hence the process of ranking is influenced by factors described above not only the links pointing to the website.         

The user matters and repeat visits along with the usage data are signals that search engines can gauge and reward the site accordingly.  Search engine optimisation leads to better understanding and interpretation of the website by search engines this has now been integrated with user experience. Other factors that influence a websites ranking are relevancy, content, domain authority, spamming and so on. 

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