Sunday, February 9, 2014

Using The Disavow Tool

Link Building phenomenon shot sky high when in the initial stages of search engine proliferation on the Internet began. Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin & Larry Page created the algorithmic wonder that is Google. The information retrieval system simply fetches what you are seeking online or on the Internet. 

Since the phenomenal growth of search engine usage there is a constant effort to improve the information retrieval system. This has resulted in lot of updates, additions and changes in the evolutionary algorithms that are used for indexing and ranking by Google.  This very evolutionary impact has unnerved lot of webmasters or seo experts who are actually the people behind with an important role to play in the future of search practices on the Internet. The frequent updates have baffled many webmasters and have critically challenged their optimization skills time and time again. With every change the search engines force compliance to their guidelines some of which are penny pricking.    

The evolution of search engine began from Brin's data mining which eventually lead to Google. The earlier algorithm relied heavily on keywords on page as well as external links pointing to the site. Both factors created a revolution and are still relevant albeit diluted. The search engine look for greater signals now whence indexing and ranking websites and blogs as response to the user query or the search term.  The complexity of the metrics of this highly evolved system in recent times has made it difficult for many webmasters to overcome.   

The heavily relied upon link building campaigns have now become more difficult with links being classified by search engines as bad, weak, good and strong. A greater understanding of the web has been called to picture. The search engines since inception have created an industry around them with link building being the most popular. It takes little to realize that things will not always remain the same hence the industry has to follow the changing dynamics.  Webmasters with shallow knowledge base will go down the history lane. 

Inadvertently search engine optimization will always rely on external link building untill unless the search engines systems take over the ranking game totally and make organic search sterile.  The smart operators realize very well the role web masters play in popularity of their search engines. Those who do not will linger behind for every and keep their search offerings to themselves however good.      

Unlike earlier times link evaluation has become more critical and a bad link creation can pull your site down on the SERP on primary term. This means developing skills to evaluate the link building exercise as well as to evaluate the platform.  The number game has some importance left still but an equatable platform has been created for those who cannot indulge in massive link building campaigns like the big firms.

It is not only the link wheel or the keyword profile that counts the source counts as well. Association with relevant, unique content and editorial scrutiny is a must for a link to gain juice - as referred in seo parley.  

Sensible quality link building is the need of the hour. This does not mean all papers should have scholarly  impact. People are searching the Net for basic information relevant on day to day basis to quench their information need. A scholarly paper has less importance for average searcher who is more on the Net for curiosity sake "Net Gossip" as I call it.

Hence large link building campaigns have resulted in trash which after the release of Panda and Penguin have become internecine. The bad link profile earlier innocuous has now become short of auto immunity disease. Therefore it has become necessary to get rid of as many bad links as possible. In order to assist the webmasters Google has introduced the Disvow Tool.    

Using the Disavow tool webmasters or website owners can remove unwanted back links that are pulling their site down on SERPs.  For this purpose the links that have to be removed have to be uploaded is a text file to the disavow tool online. Removing bad links will also mean removal of oft repeated anchor texts which invite Google penalty as well.

As Matt Cutts the Google spokesperson says the removal has to be cautiously done after efforts to remove them manually has failed.  Judging a link will be the next part of the story...bye for now...     

Search Engine Optimization a shifting paradigm

Many of the sites with aggressive promotion or link building have taken a heavy toll on the serps. This has happened after the roll out of Panda Filter and Penguin algorithmic changes.  You may be surprised by the delay of my entries since the last one was on May 2012.

Well some of my sites experienced negative changes  while a couple with duplicate contents unknown to me suffered very badly. It is obvious that sites that have been hit have been aggressively promoted other than my own activities. 

The Aftermath


Rule One: Of seo has emerged for client. Get one who does not have any idea of seo... but service them sincerely. 

Rule Two: Interfering clients and those with half backed knowledge of seo do not last long. They keeping moving from one aggressive link builder to another till the domain is exhausted and put out by the search engines for ever.     

Link Building

Rule Three: Rely very less on paid links. Go for topically relevant paid links only if strong referral generation is achieved.

Rule Four: Relevancy cannot be sacrificed. Search Engines are being influenced by many other mark ups and feeders. Hence be careful what you put on Google places, plus, classifieds etc.  

Rule Five: Try to get natural back links with unique informative content on board. This applies to internal or resource pages as well.

Rule Six: Get back links from sources with acclaimed editorial scrutiny. This means writing expert contents and staying away from quickfire postings on blogs, forums and resorting to minimal submissions elsewhere. 

Rule Seven: Number of back links count but those with approval ratings as mentioned above. Thresholds have to be kept in mind.Example one good article = ten bad articles.

Rule Eight: Keep searching for good emerging platforms. 

Rule Nine: Involve Social Media. 

Rule Ten:A good back link platform has a good page rank, relevant to the topic of your website, has less ads properly placed. Less number of links per page, all relevant links in the category. Submissions/publications go through editorial scrutiny. Certainly not made for unwarranted revenue generations. Use your experience to make out more about a good platform and inform me kindly. 

Rule eleven: Aim at long tailed/ secondary search terms for reaching the primary goal.  

On Page Optimization 

Rule Twelve: Begins with unique site contents. Sites with blemish in contents never reach anywhere on serps.

Rule Thirteen: Accurate content creation is a must for a successful websites. The Content Creation is important for achieving results on targeted terms.  

Rule Fourteen: User Friendly Architecture. All important information should be easily found from anywhere on site.  

Rule Fifteen: Use robot text file properly or add directions in meta for search engine to follow and index the page or avoid it.  

Rule Sixteen: Page Download Speed: Does the site load happily for you ..well that is the landmark.

Rule Seventeen: For Speed:  Reduce Http: requests, define images, optimize images, use server side includes,  keep the page length optimum.In all these matters consult an experienced web designer.

Rule Eighteen: Unique Title/Meta Desc for every page this is a must.

Rule Nineteen: Try Meta Data on home page that describes the ownership/service etc.

Rule Twenty: Optimize alt text.

Rule Twenty One: Place your internal links right. More useful on top.

Rule Twenty Two: Place ads according to SE guidelines. .

Rule Twenty Three: Properly Format text and make them easily readable.

Rule Twenty Four: Minimize Text Descriptive, do not use H1 tags for promotional purpose it should describe the page as well. Avoid bold, underline and tags etc. 

Rule Twenty Five: Keep keyword density 3 to 4 percent. Use keywords in contents natural or else avoid them.Write to describe the offerings and not for search engines. You contents should make the targeting of chosen search terms possible. 

Rule Twenty Six: Work up on LSI.

Rule Twenty Seven: Resort to Internal Linking if required.

There is more to come in time to come...keep on hanging 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Penguin Update - How to Overcome?

Since April 24th for many website owner and web masters the World has com tumbling down. The cause is the Penguin Update that Google has implemented in order to cut down web spam. Earlier Panda Update was a major update many versions of which have been implemented. 

From time to time Google unleashes these changes in order to improve the quality of sites on the top for the users. Most of these changes have come about through the algorithms but the Penguin Update is not one of them. It is more like a filter which checks for the web spam and qualifies or disqualifies the site, or on some instances lowered ranking may be the outcome.       

Though the update has created lot of flutter especially from those who have been hit badly. But there have been lot of instances where good sites have been hit as well. Well this could be due to that one or the other element on their web page which may have been qualified as spam albeit it may have been in place unintentionally.   

The finger clearly points out at duplicate content and too much formatting. Some on page factors like excessive use of H1 tag, bold tag, and  yes keyword stuffing. Websites that do not pass through a good seo may contain lot of search terms, which most of the web designers add out of impulse or lack of knowledge. Many web designing companies do not have content writers, hence the site contents are usually palmed off from a similar site on the net. Improper contents arise due to bad quality and cheap content writers. 

The Solutions

Hence the cleaning process would involve removing duplicate content, H1, H2 tags if too many and excessive internal links. Changing anchor text of internal links to natural and such that similar anchor text is not repeatedly used. There are many finer points to writing contents but that is for experts. You can write simple meaningful contents yourself which should be original and readable.

Ads: This is another issue that has come up in recent times. Your advertisements should be placed as such that they do not obstruct the contents or distract visitors in any way. The focus should not be selling advertisements or affiliate links but on creating a good website first.   

After you have worked extensively on your website then wait for Penguin Refresh or the spiders to do their work and improve rankings. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Adwords or Seo Campaign

Internet marketing is the buzz in business today. Be it a major company, a small firm or an individual website owner all wish for online presence. There are many options to achieve presence on the Internet but search engine optimization and Adword are most preferred. 

For business owners and the well to do I would suggest use both. The search engine optimization is a time consuming process hence in the initial stages you should take help of paid campaigns. Once your site starts ranking well you can reduces your budget for paid ads. 

Website promotion exercise leads to positioning in SERPs on targeted keywords. This is also know as organic search and is visible on the center of the page. Google Adwords are placed at the beginning of the result page usually in a light pink background.      

Adwords is a well organized and effective marketing campaign. The system is totally automated and delvers your ads on targeted search term. Seo is part of Internet Marketing campaign and can be extensive. It is a cpc campaign and charge is to be paid per click. The per click charge depends upon your bidding and hence certain level of expertise is needed. By controlling your bidding you can control your ad cost.

Here is where search engine optimization plays a role. If your seo campaign has been successful and your portal ranks on many keywords that means traffic. Using Adword campaign effectively you can take greater benefit.. If your site ranks on a good search term on first page than you do not have to place your ad on that keyword on first page, hence bid lower. 

Search engine optimization generally costs but paid campaigns may cost more. Geo targeting is essential if you wish use your ads effectively. Exclude countries in your cpc campaign  that are not targeted for your business and services. This will stop waste age of precious resources. 

Secondly try to use keywords that are effective but your website does not rank well on them. This way you will be able to increase keyword range of your website. There are lots options for placing ads in specific areas and portals as well.   A good adwords campaign management is necessary in order to meet your target.       

Hire the best seo consultant to manage both campaigns. You could also get some discount perhaps. Both the service strive to increase traffic of your site in relevant search terms. This would mean new customers for your products and services.      

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Social Networking: How To?

In spite of the popularity of the social media or networking sites many users are still in dark about the potential the Social Media online. The basic interface of the social networking portals is simple to use but advance usage requires some knowledge.  

Before going into social networking deciding what you want from the activity helps a lot.

Do you wish to make friends?
Do you wish to connect with family and old friends?
Do you wish to make business contacts?
Do you seek information online?
Do you wish to propagate ideas, thoughts or beliefs and ideology?
Or any other purpose that you deem fit worth exploring on the Social Media.

Once you have finalized your goal look for social networking sites online on the Net. Going through the site will help you discover the niche and popularity of the website. Find out what the site delivers best. This can be done by visiting and exploring the site in order to find out its character. Read online reviews and articles. You can also visit forums on social networks and read discussion or inquire from members about the site. More so find out the member base is it growing or stagnant. A new social networking site would have fewer members but the numbers would grow in regular intervals.           

Once you have finalized the site join it. Register as member and create a profile. Your profile should be detailed, descriptive and appealing. Add your photo members without photos appear untrustworthy online. If the option to link to your site or blog is there than you should?

Once you have become member than begin exploring the activities online. Read about and explore the functions that the site offers. Once you have gained insights to the site become a part of its online activities.  
One basic aspect of all social networking sites is feature to connect with other members. There is an option to invite friends and family members as well for more personal inter connectivity.

If your are interested in searching for friends, business connections or professionals etc than there is an option to search. Use it using the right keywords like males in India or females India or handicrafts suppliers etc. The search option may or may not give you many options so you have to search within the limitations.
Once the results are drawn you can carefully scrutinize the profile and then request for friendship. After approval you will become online friends.

Similarly you can join groups or online communities matching your interest or profession. Clicking on the groups’ link will fetch you online communities by category. Joining a group is good way to connect with like minded people. It is good for promoting your profession or business to targeted audience. There are interesting articles and blog entries in the group pages where you can gather information or disseminate.

Some sites offer forum feature for discussion these are valuable for information gathering, advice, tips and tutorials. All these features if you utilize properly will give a good community feeling online.

Many niche sites offer free photo hosting features where you can upload your images. Similarly you can upload videos in order to preserve, store or share them online. 

Social networks offer good opportunity for website optimization and Internet marketing. The virtual communities are good for promoting one’s business and promotion a valuable Internet marketing input. To succeed in Internet marketing one needs skills and experience.

Hence these portals are multi-purpose tools and tremendously interactive. Many new sites with advance features are being uploaded on Internet periodically. Discover these sites and expand your online presence.    

Sunday, January 15, 2012

How to Blog?

Blog is one of the most useful tool that has come in recent times. The weblog as the blog is called is a short of personal diary and is an account of one's experience. The blog do contain information articles and news items as well.

The blogsite is an interactive platform and is easy to use. For example you have to first create and account with the service provider. One such service provider is blogspot for which you need gmail to create and account. 
You can either type the url or search in google using keyword "blogspot".

The Url is

Another way is to click on the right side of the Google search result page. There is sign in written on the top right click on sign in. Once you sign you can add blogger services to your account. Going through the URL is best for first timer. 

Once you are at the blogger interface look for options. Select the New Post option or Write a Post option to enter the platform. Here you can type in whatever you wish to write and from the options on the top you can add photographs and use the editor to format your text. You can also add a link to the sites which are relevant to your content and add information to it. You add too many links your blog will become a  spam blog hence be very careful. Write for the users.  Once your entry is complete you can click on the publish button to publish your entry. 

Other options: While you are writing an entry you can frequently use the save button to save your work. Your entry will be saved a draft. Once it is complete you can publish it. 

There is an option for adding keywords on the right side of the writing surface. You can add keywords that describe your contents. Similarly you can location search to add the position on which your write is based. These will help the search engines place your blog better on SERPs.

Preserve the user name and password that you have created to open and account with the blogger.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Social Networking make most of it

Social Networking has created a new paradigm amongst the humans to interact with each other. The sites offer a platform to meet and mingle.  The online communities engage within with each other in order to converse on topics close to their heart. 

Social websites offer diverse benefits apart from friend connect. If utilized properly using social media utilities the platform can yield rich dividends.  One can promote one's profession and business with effective usage. It is a smart strategy which costs little.  

Using social media and useful content one can promote himself or herself in topic related circles. This is where one can highlight one's objective already having popularized one's skill using the social media. 
Facebook has already shown how potent a tool it can be for promoting one's objective and goals. Making a large member base helps one to target more potential clients, advertise one's wares, find buyers - the benefits as limitless. 
Publishing content is the key to success. Content were social media has been used effectively. There are a large number of networking website where one can promote oneself effectively. Most of the sites are free but membership fee has to be paid in some niche website which cater to a specific topic. Before paying for membership one should utilize the free option in order to get the feel of how strong the platform is.