Saturday, September 26, 2015

Gearing Up Your Website

When gearing up your website for search engines then have a serious peak at it first.

1) Does it has a look and feel that is soothing and justifies the topic?
Does it create a trust in your visitor?

2) Is it bogged down with unimpressive heavy graphics that take an eternity to load and the visitors leave in frustration?

3) Is it bogged down with confusing number of links placed haphazardly? Hence is the navigation user friendly?

4) Does the site talks only of sales an advertisement with no quality content? Does it communicate properly with the visitors or prospective buyers?     

5) Are the content persuasive and convincing? Does the site carry relational pages with on topic information on related technology and useful resources? Give people reason to visit your website.

6) Does the site  contains a long list of affiliate links. Is it bloated with affiliate banners that speak loudly of the affiliate programs? 

7) Is your site secure protected by SSL? Does it contain relevant privacy policies and your contact information? Are their certifications or approvals on site? 

8) The affiliate program you join should be legal and hold a reputation on the Net. Else you will have a tough time selling online. Is the advertiser trustworthy does the company have a reputation and brand image?    

9) Testimonials with contact info?