Saturday, September 26, 2015

Structured Microdata - Schema

Google may soon incorporate structured data using vocabulary provided by in its ranking algorithms. By incorporating the markups one can enhance the search friendliness of one's site. The types of format used are JASN-LD which is the latest introduced and is more script friendly . The other formats are RDFa and Microdata.  
The schema creates a machine readable language easily understood by the algorithms. The mark up is embedded in HTML documents. 

Attribute to define an item is called itemscope while its property is defined as itemprop. Types are defined as itemtypes. 

For Local Search 

Itemscope is used to define the item that is in this case a person
<section itemscope itemtype="">
Like wise itemprops are used to define properties of that person i.e name, address, work profile. The address would fall under itemtype. 

This vocabulary is also supported by other search engines.

The mark up data is also used for businesses, events etc.

Here are some examples 

Organization Schema Markup be sure to add the logo, corporate address and social profile (Links).

Website Schema Markup   this helps generate sitelink search box feature provided the utility is there on the website.  

Breadcrumbs Schema Markup helps generate breadcrumb rich snippets.   

Site Navigation Markup helps SEs understand your site structure and navigation.  

Video Markup using Schema for sites with video embedded it displays rich video snippets.

Schema could also be used for local business, restaurants, ratings, offers, person and more.  

 More Information could be found at Search Engine Land

Find more information at Google Developer

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