Saturday, May 2, 2020

Is SEO A Dark Matter in An Unfathomable Universe?

For Laymen SEO or Search Engine Optimization

This exercise simply helps your website or blog rank better on SERPs or Search Engine Result Pages which you get when you type a search term in the browser search box.

Better ranking means better response to your website and hence goal conversion - greater online business, enquiries, brand promotion, information dissemination or whatever.   

For Webmasters 

SEO is difficult, time consuming and needs perseverance to achieve results. But  in spite of all the literature, tips and advice, SE guidelines available on the Net, it is not everybody's cup of tea. Besides understanding how search engine index and rank a website including the plethora of metrics that they have recently inculcated into their algos things still do not work out for many. 

In competitive environment and rapidly changing algorithms experience or long term association pays but this does not mean that newbies will not be able to perform.  You need commitment and good guidance remember.  

I will tell you a little secret here!

You need to master content writing...gone are the days whence you could work on the directories and forums to get links and rank. No more does multiple article posting and spam blogs work.

I was  nearly hired to write blog entries without substance long time back, and that did work in those days - before Panda and Penguin came into picture. Somehow the hesitation on my countenance was palpable and I was fired before I could be hired and had to pay for the coffee as well. 
You need to write well as near to grammar as possible, and as anecdotal or informative as possible. You need not write like prize winning authors do, that is  a tall order. But You Should Strive!
As a writer you will be active on many platforms or sites do not be overawed by writers there with super success or be intimidated by stringent editors. Keep writing as best as you can. 

No Silver Pen in Hand!

Well from beginning, I was writing articles for free, and would publish them on sites which had some reckoning. This art refines itself in a scalable manner until unless you are born with a silver pen in the hand. 

So you write and write, which I am still doing, and develop into a better writer. This will reduce forays into directory submissions and forums...albeit relevant forum participation with etiquette is productive. But no spam works remember!

In SEO, writing better counts, and that is what fetches quality links. This will also help you manage blogs to provide links for referral to your clients and juice as webmasters prefer to call authoritative links.
As a side tip add attributes to your work like videos, infographics or images to make the content more appealing and interactive.
Regularly written quality blogs are essential for website promotion and they are also good enough for creating a reputation by espounding your art, services, profession, highlighting brands and companies. This is a platform where you can demonstrate unique products, niche skills and processes.

Why Not All This in Website? 

Well unlike websites, well maintained blogs are not static...if the websites are not regularly updated they remain static for long. Well this is why inter linking a blog to your website is important for it acts a mouthpiece with fresh contents pouring in. Keep in mind that it is topic relevant.

Content is King!    

That said and done content is the king. But then you have to learn to use content for users as well as the search engines preferably for the former. The search engines are less demanding and they understand write ups much better especially with semantic inputs. You need not add keywords in your write ups deliberately and not in wild profusion. Let them be natural.    

Another important step is to be relevant when you write on a website, blog or article. This is of utmost importance and by relevancy I am not just writing about topic I am referring to sub topics or niche that diversify a topic. And this is how you can direct your website to targeted keywords. And this where art comes in. Well! Understand this in depth to avoid the dark matter.

Search Engine Optimization Diversity

In current situation search engine optimization is not limited to quality link building anymore many other metrics have made inroads...all those that make user experience better and relevant to the query.

If you regularly use search console and analytics you will get a hint as to what other factors are dominant for better indexing and ranking of SERPs. Also you need to be active on Social Media to better your traffic.

Social Media or Digital Marketing participation is instrumental in getting good traffic through referral but this does help in ranking somewhat. If you are into Adwords nothing better for as you become a professional you would greater understanding of the search terms.

Technical SEO     

Do understand technical aspect of Seo and UX as well. Search engine optimization is complex so do not hesitate in taking help from other faculties.  The link architecture, user friendliness, speed, mobile friendliness, browser compatibility etc need to be looked into. Eventual aim of a portal or website is to deliver results or goal fulfillment it is not a showpiece as some companies like to project.

The Search 

Yes like a good library, search engines want to furnish the best answer to the visitors query. Would you like to waste time in a library where you search for hours to get the book you want or perhaps never get one at all. This applies to SEs they wish to present the best and most relevant. And Yes! In most efficient and appealing manner.    

If you understand what I am pointing to you will not be running after the dark matter in an unfathomable Universe!
Uday provides SEO Service and Website Contents
He also teaches Internet Marketing in Jabalpur during Summer.
He loves to blog on many topics as a writer. 

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