Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Web Saturation: Searching for Social Media

Web saturation is one of the key goals of search engine optimization. This has become an extensive horizontal effort after Panda and Penguin and now possibly Fred. Most of the methodology adopted earlier are now considered as spam.      

Multiple link creation on single domain or on weak platforms resulted in massive exercise by major Seo Companies. All this is passe, SEO has become more authoritative, and requires skills not muscle. Hence these companies have vanished or on the verge.    

Content creation or rather unique content creation remains the key for search engine optimization - an indispensable part of Internet Marketing.  Content and media are the main players on social platforms which have been included in the metrics used to derive ranking and domain authority. Popularity on social media will lead  to web saturation, this is good for ranking as well as ideal getting leads or referrals.

This is a massive exercise nonetheless if you include important internal pages into the campaign. The difference after the updates is that this has become a highly dedicated and skilled effort. Mere posting will not help, this is bad news for web buzzers or SEO beginners who found jobs for posting on articles sites, forums and directories. The links are still relevant but on much smaller scale and are effective only whence the content associated with them is unique and relevant to the anchor text or title as the case may.         

Search engines are impressed by a site present on many authoritative platforms. Well this is different from natural link aggregation which is equally important. Contents which are subject to editorial scrutiny are or should be highly respected by search engines, and the associated links should carry lot of juice. Hence searching for such new platforms becomes a regular exercise for those in SEO and Internet Marketing.      

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