Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Twitter: What is it?

Twitter Information Network

It is a vast storehouse of information and thoughts besides entertainment. Twitter incidentally is a vast storehouse of propaganda and advertisement as well. The web interface is truly multidimensional communication medium.

Initially Twttr was a brain child of  member of American Company Odeo. That idea was to create an online platform that would communicate to a small group using an SMS like service.  The name Twttr was ascribed to Noah Glass part of the creative team. With acquisition of The name was changed to Twitter ...suggestive as chirp of the birds. 

In recent times, the free platform has become one of most reckoned medium for communications. The main delivery arises from the writing box which is limited to 140 characters, an interactive feature which is the sentinel of expressions - vociferous or mute. You can also upload images and videos, create polls, and specify your location in order to be most effective. Using the hashtag # one can group posts as well.     

The tweets can be sent through SMS services on smart phone using a short code.

The  tweets (Max 140 Char,) as they are called enable networking with like minded people as well  as facilitated search. The medium also facilitates subscription of tweets - originating from others, and this aspect is known as following. Your offerings also invite others to follow you, and they are called followers.

Registration is a prerequisite in order to tweet, but you can access tweets without being registered. The username upon registration become your address: @pateluday.      

It is good to have followers, but it is productive to follow others whose offering can be a rich source of information for you thus enhancing your creativity and knowledge. The best part is, you can choose  and pick what to read from among the  large list of tweets scrolling down on the home page. 

There is a feature that enables you to message people in your group. This leads to greater interactive and enables commerce.  Read Internet Marketing.  

Using the digital space effectively can result in business growth besides help propagate personal opinions on the Internet.  Individual tweets can be re-tweeted in order to send the message to all of one's followers. The like feature helps in creating and authority and attracts more readers.  

Offensive and abusive language can be censored. 

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