Monday, January 18, 2016

Content Creation for Websites & Seo

With dynamic changes in search engine algorithms it is becoming more and more difficult for average webmasters to rank websites. This is because rules have been tightened and are being implemented more stringently day by day. Link building without any authority or editorial scrutiny hardly works. The out bounds are important but not the way they were earlier. Third grade content will not work at all.  

Recently the Panda filter was incorporated into the algorithms by Google bringing all sites under the scanner. Albeit the search engines have set in preference regarding which sites do better on SERPs there is plenty of scope to fetch in organic traffic. (One such example of this preference is the favor accorded to major brands.)  

The algorithms are constantly evolving bringing about perplexing changes. This evolution is always challenging webmasters as to how to perform better on SERPs. One issue that has been fixed by Panda is that there is no scope now for loosely written content for creating an opportunity to link. Scammers had a field day till the rot was stemmed.  Many blogs and websites where thrown out giving greater opportunity for those with relevant and properly written unique content. 

Website & Off Page Contents

Unique content means that which explains best the offerings of the site yet stays out of the glut. Hence if your are writing about  your site which is on hotels you should be more descriptive using important and LSI search terms in the write up. Use words like, rooms, suite, cottages, bathroom, accommodation, tariff, service, amenities, facilities, ambiance etc.    

When we talk about Internet Marketing  greater emphasis is accorded to search engine optimization. For off page promotion content creation in terms of articles, blogs, videos become important. So does what is there on your website or portal. 

Though unnecessary information is discouraged it is imperative that the interface contains relevant content. Sites with thin content will not rank well until unless they cater to some very unique and rare search term. Hence the first criteria before taking on a new project is to evaluate the site content along with the link architecture, usability, usage of tags, internal linking etc.     

There are hundreds of articles on how contents should be written according to the new guidelines. Usage of excessive keyword is not advisable at all. Add relevant LSI terms or simply put be descriptive without repeating important phrases that define the topic.   Remember search terms are important since the indexing and ranking process depends much on them...logical isn't it. 

When I say avoid glut I mean do not venture into a topic which is already saturated rather spend your efforts on something rare or less popular. Well for survival webmasters cannot be choosy and they have to take on projects as they come.    

For websites and content marketing well researched effort will always pay. This means doing extensive keyword research using various tools available online. You must write naturally in a flow as the writer do. Dig out aspects which have been ignored by others. Provide complete information about the products, services, topics or what not. On many instances location should be added - use structured mark up where ever you can. 

This way you will accord enough information to search engines as well as make the contents an interesting read. The latter is a prerequisite. In case if you are not able to naturally incorporate search terms in your article, do not worry. The SEs are becoming more and more smarter these days to dig out the crux.    

Another suggestion that I wish to give out to content writers is to work on numerous platforms which have editorial scrutiny for contents thereon. If you can score better in such platforms you are bound to become a better writer.  

Without over doing divide the write up into relevant paragraphs decorate in limit with tags, headings, italics, etc. Add relevant highly optimized light weight pictures with proper alt tags.  

As this articles states contents have become very important. If you cannot write yourself then hire a content writer for website or promotional efforts. Internet Marketing is heavily dependent on the written word be assured.     

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