Friday, April 13, 2018

Topic Clustering A New Approach to Search Engine Optimisation

Search algorithms are constantly evolving and so is the need for for webmasters to keep on updating themselves in order to produce results. The evolution of search engines in natural since there is a constant need to filter trash and weak or spammy content and to be in sync with ever changing technology and trends. 

Hence Google has come with many updates like Panda, Penguin and RankBrain to name a few. The evolution of  indexing and ranking mechanism means change in Seo practices. In the initial stages weak content with excess keywords worked. It does not any more. Hence more and more efforts are being made in creating contents on web pages in order to attract search engines to rank a site higher. 

Well in the initial stages creating content meant a series of pages that were relevant to the main topic. These where interlinked using search terms often repeated but it worked. As search engine explore for contents on websites they have begun to appreciate deep content clustering which are relevant and add to the information. 

Hence in topic clustering a pillar page is created which is linked reciprocally to other webpages or sub domain having intense but relevant information. The anchor used to link with the pillar page could be repeated in order to inform search engines of relevancy of the topic. This information architecture is helping sites ranking better and better.  The information architecture could be subdivided using silos creating cluster of pages that provide one set of information while another cluster could be providing another set of information but all relevant to the main topic. 

In topic clusters intense content and unique information is a must in order to qualify as useful pages. Slight repetition could lead to a penalty. I would further add blogs containing relevant and anecdotal contents should also be linked to the cluster provided they are updated regularly.       

Content creation for search engine optimisation is part of the requisite skill set in fact a skill set of highest order. It depends much upon the creativity and knowledge of optimisation of the webmaster in order to succeed. Another advantage of good content creation is assimilation of naturally gained links due to useful information contained.

Yes links still matter much!