Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Search Engine Optimisation - Redundant Link Building Techniques

Things no longer work as they used to before. In order to produce suitable results as per query submitted search engines constantly tweak their algorithms. They also add filters to check spam on page. Most of the components of algorithms work in synergy possibly as one element hence indexing and rankings are achieved fast.  

Years of spam rather then quality website development has led to evolution of algorithms in this manner. This was bound to be. What next is anybody's guess?

Displaying the best site suitable to the query is a Hobson's Choice as far as  the visitors are concerned nevertheless certain metrics enable search engines to achieve a reasonable degree of accuracy. 

Why So?

Well User Intent

Well it all depends upon the user's intent related to the query he has submitted. Some people seek new esoteric portals while some seek brands or popular sites which anyway are on the lips. Hence I prefer the former kind of results as brands, popular sites and information portals can be searched directly no need to go through typing varied search terms that can sometimes at best be described as out of the box or mid boggling.         

Hence user seek plain matter of fact answers or  those that unravel mysteries on the web. Well this answers why constant changes are involved in the indexing and ranking process. 

So how do you make your web pages suitable for query typed?

The answer is very simple - Unique Contents. If your answer is similar to what is there on other sites than compete using Seo techniques. If it is unique and full of information, it will answer many queries. This way your website becomes visible with impressive or targeted traffic from the right kind of the audience.        

Well what does not work anymore is cheap link building techniques apart from third rate content. Also important are technical aspects that enable portals to swim freely on multiple platforms  and browsers including mobiles or smart phones.  

No keyword stuffing in contents, anyway with LSI in place you should be writing for the users. Do not stuff. Add relevant information and link to relevant pages for related information.

No directory or article submissions until unless proper editorial scrutiny is applied. Write quality blogs related to the topic, create pages or e-books on quality sites which facilitate user generated content and linking. Do not spam on forum site get into relevant forum and create one or two links.  In short spread links on authoritative but related websites quality matters not QUANTITY. Invite visitors to link your site to constantly avail useful information. This is the best optimisation technique for online reputation, ranking and hence traffic.  

Gone are the days whence huge teams in Seo companies built large number of links using cheap repetitive techniques. I am sure these shops have closed. I may as well add here that content creation has become exceedingly important if the site has to rank higher. You have to be a good content writer  if you wish to be in this field. Technical Seo  matters as well but here you can read online guides or take help from established experts if you are not a techy.     

No hidden phrases or keywords, submit to authoritative, local and business directories to assure relevancy as far as location/topic is concerned. Get on to unique and authoritative sites see if you can avail a link.     

No proliferation of exact matching anchor texts, use phrases that a visitor would often use. Too much of direct search terms would invite penalty.    

Te create a bagful of referrals go to websites that offer "nofollow" link building and publish tons of related contents. This is usually safe but many sites have strict editorial scrutiny hence be sparse. 

Make full but quality use of social media - the established one's and the newcomers. But please do not spam. This activity is a metric included in the ranking process. Get favoured on social media sites by publishing quality and appealing contents, utilities, videos and images. Believe me the site will be noted faster and ranked much quicker.   

Online reputation and building referrals are ideal way of getting followers and traffic, utilise Internet or digital marketing opportunities. Just remember most of the social media sites offer "nofollow" link building but this does not mean you can spam. If you do you will be barred. This also applies to bookmarking sites which are a part of the whole process.        

Ranking because of above factors and domain authority metric could be a time bound process and may take its own time. Unless until you spam and destroy all potential on the web of the client's website.  Search engines may intervene to place certain portals naturally on top due to some preferences they assume users are searching for on the SERPs hence accept the second best.