Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Keyword Research That Makes or Break Business

In search engine optimisation keyword research plays an important role. Without the right keyword choice the campaign may fizzle out. Hence the first step whence taking over a new project is to extensively study the website and then derive search terms that should be targeted.   


The Seo professional needs to look into the offering of the website holistically, and what products or services are being targeted. This calls for sitting with the client and discussing all aspects of his online business. After this analyse competition and what they are targeting. Make a deep study how to rank your clients website.  


It is also important to know the sphere of client's business, whether he wants to generate leads from local places or state wise or country level. Country level rankings are highly competitive nevertheless you will charge more and take more time. In order to achieve position on primary competitive search terms you have to climb the ladder from step one any way. 

Hence the location is essentially mentioned on the website. Supplies, services and products are searched for in the place of location.

Example: Stationary suppliers in NY, tea brands in India, hotels in Jabalpur.      

Beginning: Research

Keyword research begins using common sense. 

What phrases would you type in order to seek those service or products?

If it is a comprehensive eCommerce portal than you have to understand the category. If need be you can engineer contents with the involvement of the client to give an accurate delivery.  

It is important to target the right phrases. You can use many tools available online to come to a conclusion or use your own brain besides some idea from the client. As person in this trade you must have developed an acumen as to what people type on the Internet on SERPs.    

Types of search terms    

Standalone keywords are rarely targeted since they are impossible to rank.  The targeted terms are usually phrases with the most competitive ones are called as primary keywords. Terms that are supposed to be less competitive (less typed) are called secondary keywords. The last but not the least are long tail terms which fewer people type in the box hence less competitive.  These are unique and cumulative ranking would yield high traffic hence do not ignore them. They are more effective and easier to rank with high conversion rate. 

Example : 1) Green tea 
                 2) Buy green tea online

The latter is typed with intent hence more effective.    

While finalising terms to be targeted you can have a peek at Adwords being run the SERPs or use tools as I said  earlier. All the selected phrases should correlate with the websites offerings.    

For service providers managing Adwords campaign things are easier since they have had live experience of value of search terms regarding that topic. 

One caution is do not target highly competitive terms if you website offerings are well below.