Saturday, July 2, 2011

Title and Meta Tags - Onpage optimization

One of the major constitutents of on page optimization are the title and meta tags. There have been lot of assumptions as to the quantum of importance the search engines give to the above attributes. But this is uneccessary since these are vital elements and tell the search engines and users as to what the site is about.   

How much importance these elements deliver as far as ranking are concerned depend upon overall factors. By implementing proper title tag and meta tags you are helping the site attain good position on SERPs on targeted search terms. 

These tags do not deliver miraculous results, hence use them to inform the users and search engines about what content to should expect. The users read these tags and then decide to click on the site link hence write them very carefully. 

The overall rankings come from comprehensive exercise and not by these tags alone. Building a good site is a key to success and seo is a process used for indexing and positioning the site please remember.  

While implementing tags keep the character length of the title to a certain limit and do not stuff keywords. In later stages you can add the company name well. This will be a good brand building exercise. This applies to meta tags as well. Write decently keeping user in mind. Impress him for quick response and justify by what you deliver on the website.