Monday, September 5, 2016

Social Media: Online Communication & More

With the advent of Internet, a paradigm shift has taken place as to how we communicate. The greatest flip has arisen out of the coming of social media platforms which have - if not of all - heightened thinking, educated, changed the mindset and attitude of the literate class, professionals and amateurs alike.   

Information transformation has been tremendous, accessible to one and all, and may I add cheaply. The versatile social media platforms have proven to be excellent communication channels in terms of written words, audio/video.

Besides being instrumental in networking of like minded, niche set and the common man. They have augured the interests pertaining to various fields/topics, be it business, hobbies, activities and what not. Hence they carry with them endless possibilities of making effective social changes and broadening our spectrum of thoughts and attitude in the right manner. This has been evident by the transformation and upheaval created by the bloggers. Members of forums and groups (online communities) has been able to express views, exploit and disseminate information pertaining to their interests with ease.   

Holistic in approach, Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter with ample space for communication, tools for creativity along with admixture of entertainment channels have proven to be the most successful online phenomenon.  For propaganda, business and publicity these media tools offer exciting possibilities which are continuously evolving, hence the thunderous success and popularity.

The medium offers endless courting space, thanks to graphic tools, content possibilities and audio for sales conversions, promotions and creating a target audience. There are many niche platforms which  focus on aspects that do not float in a void but are more of hubs with specific offerings.

Not only people, news channels, companies, organizations, NGOs, professionals, career seekers, all have been attracted to the medium. This has proven to be an economic dais that has given them a voice and increased visibility, to paraphrase - a means of expression that is not possible elsewhere without a large man power and expenditure.    

The cyber space is witness to  many startups...platforms that come with promise and vanish overnight, only the deserving survive.  Complex platforms with restrictions or conditional approach have experienced diminished access to audience as compared to the mega portals which have become part of our lives.

What has been so far restricted by the offline or traditional paper based media to specialists, professionals, news mongers, writers and journalists has reached the palms of the ordinary man and his milieu. The collective phenomena with the tremendous possibility of accumulation and dispersal of information online has become an extension or our mind, body and soul.

Albeit free, these platforms offer enhanced accessibility to specialized tools through the paid options. Not bound by boundaries, timings, speed or distance, the phenomena is here to stay.