Wednesday, December 23, 2015

More About Accelerated Mobile Pages

As mentioned in my earlier blog these are stripped down HTML pages that download fast. This development also highlights the limitation of web design and development technology. The inability to handle heavily loaded pages points towards design limitation. But there are elements that may be necessary or fit the role but nevertheless not suitable for visibility on mobile or smart phones. The AMP should be able to take care of that. Well time will tell. 

The AMP pages use what is termed as diet HTML.  The Java Script is not allowed but off the shelf script library can be used this enables images to download whence you scroll to the point. This may also be incorporated in many platforms in time to come.       

There are lot or restrictions whence building an AMP pages. The rules if not followed will fail the Google validation test. The tool for this test is built in Google browser Chrome.   

These pages are designed for fast download and readability and not for interactivity. Thus they can be easily cached,  pre loaded and  pre rendered.   This is amazing and will Google in time to come create AMP version of regular page and present it to the visitors instantly.  

Further information can be had from: – The main project web page, where you'll find a technical intro, tutorial, GitHub repository, and more – Further information on AMPs and how they work