Sunday, October 11, 2015

Accelerated Mobile Pages - AMP & Instant Articles

In order to accelerate the download of mobile pages Google is working on methodology to make page download faster on mobile just like face book instant articles. This would possibly an open source code and shareable.   

This project by Google aims at speeding up the download on all platforms. This is to be done by eliminating Java script and limiting CSS. Even the HTML elements are to be restricted.   The open source also reduces HTTP: server queries as well as restrict image download in a certain manner.

AMP disallows embedding of Ads into the clients website.

This project is participatory in nature and may not receive the kind of applause as expected since it is restrictive in nature. Hence it many be a prerequisite for website owners to implement AMP. But with the search engine you never know how compulsive it may be.

For more info: Visit Ars Technica UK

Similarly Instant Articles also constitutes powerful publishing tools. The aim is to offer a better reading experience as well as watching auto play videos, interactive maps and full length articles.    

Those willing to publish articles as partners of Instant Articles are promised compatibility with many tools and interfaces.

For more information read: Instant Articles on Wikipedia.