Thursday, September 3, 2015

About Website Contents: How to Write?

I have noticed number of times weak contents of websites doing fairly well on the Internet. Well this will not work for long. The website contents should be well researched in order to present unique information. In case of cheaply built  websites the designers simply grab contents from other sites and publish. This is disastrous for those seeking online presence and good traffic.

The contents should be well written and easy to understand. This means structured sentences in logical order, and no grammatical and spelling mistakes. Avoid any short of duplicate sentences and information. This means do not repeat information again and again once is enough. 

In order to write website contents on needs to start from the white board stage. Once the topic is finalized draw the concept. What is it all about? How should it be presented? 

The next step is content creation where in you write down the topic of all the pages that have to be created. Please make sure that no extra content which is weakly related/unrelated to the topic should be included. Hence in a website about Jabalpur city do not add information pages about Bhopal. Indore etc. This will hardly benefit until unless the information is desired. The search engines may see this as spam.      

Once the content creation is complete and approved by the owner you can begin to write. Using choice vocabulary for LSI optimization write down the contents in short paragraph - without being verbose. The word limit in case of most of the websites is about five hundred per page.  

Visitors read selectively hence give a appropriate headings using tags (h2, h3 etc). This will attract visitors since they can then limit themselves to just what they wish to read.    

In case of e-commerce websites internal duplicate content is a serious issue though tolerated by search engines they do weaken your website ranking. Hence take time and write product description in unique manner, well as much as you can since the sites may have many variants of very similar products.      

Infuse search terms naturally but limit to under two percent along with many related search terms. In case of large portals pages having similar contents on should use the meta tag noindex = <META NAME="ROBOTS" CONTENT="NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW">. Use rel=canonical in order to direct to preferred pages.    <link rel="canonical" href="">

Whence the contents are complete please add relevant title to all the pages and meta description to important pages along with keywords. 

Link the pages internally only if the panels do not contain site links already. Top panel links are most valued hence link important pages there. In the footer one can add functional pages like, contact, booking, etc. 

Publishing pages on Hubpages, top blogs and article sites will help you in website content writing for your clients. There are many publishing sites with editorial scrutiny which can help you to learn to write well.