Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Adwords or Seo Campaign

Internet marketing is the buzz in business today. Be it a major company, a small firm or an individual website owner all wish for online presence. There are many options to achieve presence on the Internet but search engine optimization and Adword are most preferred. 

For business owners and the well to do I would suggest use both. The search engine optimization is a time consuming process hence in the initial stages you should take help of paid campaigns. Once your site starts ranking well you can reduces your budget for paid ads. 

Website promotion exercise leads to positioning in SERPs on targeted keywords. This is also know as organic search and is visible on the center of the page. Google Adwords are placed at the beginning of the result page usually in a light pink background.      

Adwords is a well organized and effective marketing campaign. The system is totally automated and delvers your ads on targeted search term. Seo is part of Internet Marketing campaign and can be extensive. It is a cpc campaign and charge is to be paid per click. The per click charge depends upon your bidding and hence certain level of expertise is needed. By controlling your bidding you can control your ad cost.

Here is where search engine optimization plays a role. If your seo campaign has been successful and your portal ranks on many keywords that means traffic. Using Adword campaign effectively you can take greater benefit.. If your site ranks on a good search term on first page than you do not have to place your ad on that keyword on first page, hence bid lower. 

Search engine optimization generally costs but paid campaigns may cost more. Geo targeting is essential if you wish use your ads effectively. Exclude countries in your cpc campaign  that are not targeted for your business and services. This will stop waste age of precious resources. 

Secondly try to use keywords that are effective but your website does not rank well on them. This way you will be able to increase keyword range of your website. There are lots options for placing ads in specific areas and portals as well.   A good adwords campaign management is necessary in order to meet your target.       

Hire the best seo consultant to manage both campaigns. You could also get some discount perhaps. Both the service strive to increase traffic of your site in relevant search terms. This would mean new customers for your products and services.