Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bounce Rate: Part II

The search methodology is in continuous state of evolution something more popularly referred as updates. These are algorithm changes that search companies regularly exercise. This is done in order to refine results on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Like a good library which keeps the best book in the front or visible range of the readers search engines too wish to show the best websites first.      

What is the best website is a matter or personal judgement hence those which are visited the most and read the most have a better chance of rankings. The search engines determine this using their programs and public/editorial  appraisal or vote (Back link). The SE cannot dig a site out of the blue hence both options are taken into consideration and the results are constantly being re-evaluated. 

The bounce rate is one of the indicator and a crucial one. All this is in response to the search query please remember. Hence there is a common sense approach to increase the visitors interest on your site. Something we do in our business restaurants, office, shops, malls etc.    

"In response to a search query" this is very important, it means your site should be extremely focused to your topic or sub topics. If you create a web site on Indian tea than your topics should be on tea, green tea, black tea, organic tea, Darjeeling tea, Assam tea, etc. Hence the content should elaborate tea and each type of tea which are sub topics. To decrease bounce rate a good website owner would desire unique contents on all pages, good graphics and links that point to related contents but not covered by your website. You can provide links to site with related content outside using "nofollow" or create pages placed lower down in the hierarchy but quite visible. The latter option is much better.    

The website promotion should concentrate on main and sub topics for inviting visitors that are seeking what you are offering. The temptation to increase traffic on search terms that are not well covered by your contents should be completely avoided. Ex. Do not optimize on Chinese tea if your website does not cover it. Chinese tea may be referred in your contents but elaborate description is not there. Hence visitors seeking Chinese Tea will not wait on your site and this will increase your bounce rate.

Not only contents all attributes of the website should be looked into. A bad architecture will surely turn the visitor away. Bad graphics , baudy color shceme, bad formatting are turn offs.     

By virtue of programs the site may come up on topics not completely covered by your website. But if you concentrate on focused the incidence would be less. Think how you can engage the visitor on site and also make him move to related pages - Contents, graphics, utility, further information, sound design, pleasing colors, friendly architecture etc.