Monday, July 30, 2018

Purchase & Sale on Pinterest


There are buyable pins that let you make purchase on this platform.  These Pins are marked as blue price tag. You can shop online through the buyable pins using credit card or Apple Pay.

After a merchant is approved for Buyable Pins, people on Pinterest will see Pins with an “Add to bag” button that links back to the merchant’s store. When people choose to buy a product order details and payment information are sent to the merchant for processing. There is a BuyIt button besides the blue price tag.  

Whence you search within Pinterest usually the top results are buyable pins.  There is an option for searching product pins. 

On this platform merchant own the end-to-end customer relationship.


After meeting certain conditions merchants can sell on this platform using product pins. The online retail activity or shopping is on nascent stage. For selling you must be using Demandware or Shopify as an ecommerce solution. 
Buyable Pins are supported for merchants on select commerce platforms. If you’re on one of our supported platforms and want to use Buyable Pins, follow these steps: 

At present select business are eligible for selling on Pinterest. For this you must review the policies. It is essential to create a business account. Once can apply for buyable pins via Shopify or BigCommerce. For you to implement buyable pins you need a creditable sales record on these ecommerce platforms. If you are selling on Etsy or Ebay and have a creditable sales record you can contact the Pinterest management or customer service. Also there is a waiting list that you should register on Pinterest for entry into sales and purchase.

This is a new introductory feature and small business should establish sales on the platform before it gets congested. 


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