Monday, July 30, 2018

Purchase & Sale on Pinterest


There are buyable pins that let you make purchase on this platform.  These Pins are marked as blue price tag. You can shop online through the buyable pins using credit card or Apple Pay.

After a merchant is approved for Buyable Pins, people on Pinterest will see Pins with an “Add to bag” button that links back to the merchant’s store. When people choose to buy a product order details and payment information are sent to the merchant for processing. There is a BuyIt button besides the blue price tag.  

Whence you search within Pinterest usually the top results are buyable pins.  There is an option for searching product pins. 

On this platform merchant own the end-to-end customer relationship.


After meeting certain conditions merchants can sell on this platform using product pins. The online retail activity or shopping is on nascent stage. For selling you must be using Demandware or Shopify as an ecommerce solution. 
Buyable Pins are supported for merchants on select commerce platforms. If you’re on one of our supported platforms and want to use Buyable Pins, follow these steps: 

At present select business are eligible for selling on Pinterest. For this you must review the policies. It is essential to create a business account. Once can apply for buyable pins via Shopify or BigCommerce. For you to implement buyable pins you need a creditable sales record on these ecommerce platforms. If you are selling on Etsy or Ebay and have a creditable sales record you can contact the Pinterest management or customer service. Also there is a waiting list that you should register on Pinterest for entry into sales and purchase.

This is a new introductory feature and small business should establish sales on the platform before it gets congested. 


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Pinterest & Visual Marketing

Pinterest is an information discovery system that uses Gifs, other images,infographics and videos to disseminate information. Practically it is a visual discovery storage and collection tool. You can use Pinterest to discover information through the platform this information is image or video based with associated text and links as well. 

The content or visualization in this case is user generated. In short period of its existence this platform has become highly popular social networking service as well.   

The search feature lets you discover specific categories or a common category. The search is done using your own pins or product pins, boards and people. The Explore feature lets you search large number of trending categories.    

Visual Marketing 

Pinterest is a visual marketing tool the uses images as object of dissemination information. Well visual marketing focuses on evaluating and studying images such that they can be used for visual communications.  

Those in online or digital marketing should grasp how images for visual communication with associated contents work in promoting products. Hence picture based social media websites like Pinterest, Tumblr and FB etc have become business and promotional communication tools that are ineludible.   


You can store or collect visual information category wise. You have an option to create a board which is a broadly defined category or topic that lets you assimilate or create pins which are related by topic or category.  

Users have an option of following the boards as well as other users and if so desire can use the unfollow option. 


Pins are created under boards usually they are subcategories; for example a board created for hotels could carry pins associated with resorts, rooms, luxury accommodation, luxury tents etc. The pins can be created under a vast number of associated sub categories all it requires is the user’s creativity. 

Pinterest is a constantly evolving platform there will be more developments seen in future.

The link associated with the pin carries details like recipes, descriptions, articles and blogs.

Pinterest How To Video

Friday, July 20, 2018

Wordpress: Wonderful Content Management System

Wordpress is a content management system that lets you design your website for free. Advanced paid features can be availed as well. The system lets you incorporate your own domain name system into the website that you have created on WP.


Additional features can be added using WP plugins which can be a third party produce. The plugin are available in the Internet they are software programs that integrate with WP and accord additional feature.
Some of the featured plugins are Yoast for Seo,  Akismet for antispam and JETpack for seo and multiple features. Plugins that are not regularly developed or updates are not useful and can cause problems.  

Using a proper plugin the Wordpress site can be made search engine optimisation friendly. This is essential in order to rank on the SERPs.  

Regular Features

The regular features available in WP dashboard are option to create pages and posts.  Many beautiful themes are available to create an outstanding design in addition to integrating your own template. The themes are device or mobile  friendly being responsive in nature.  Themes can be purchased from open source market or from individual WP developers.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Google Plus & A + Online Marketing Tool

After being used to Face Book which in my opinion was first to open doors of social networking I was bit sceptical about Google + whence it was introduced. Probably brought about to compete with the universally popular FB the networking site G+ had a slow rise. 

G+ however did not lag behind albeit its did not prove to as good as FB regarding user engagement, however it has come out good for content marketing.  In fact at the initial stage users spent just few minutes on G+ as compared to FB where they spent few hours. 

G+ managed to subscribe to users very quickly and could garner as many 500 million plus by 2013 but the platform did not find that many users. I think the quick rise in subscriber base was due googles connected services on one single platform. Notebly USA and India have the largest user base at Google Plus.  

The FB page has a simpler interface which an average user can master quickly while the G+ interface requires getting familiar with, but then the impact is much better and colorful. Unlike FB the probability of social interactions is much less on G+ but nevertheless it is excellent as far as niche users and webmasters are concerned. As the time goes by it will get prominence for promoting contents used in marketing online. 


Like in any other networking site the platform offers profile creation with an about us section and a cover photo. All your details are in the About Us section: Contact, Sites, Albums etc.

The profile page shows your activities like posting of articles, videos and images. 

The above link constitutes a Google Plus Page


All your collections are located here. A collection is of niche contents under one head. Hence you post similar articles, blog entries and images pertaining to one collection that is best suited. If you make a collection on Indian Wildlife than all your content on Indian Wildlife goes here.

Collections belonging to others are also listed probably the one's you are following. This is followed by a list of communities which you have subscribed to. Then follows articles and blog entries that you have recently submitted to your collections or G+ Home.

Note: There is an option to post contents to collections, communities or people here. You can see the edit sign on the bottom right hand side. This will help you to target your marketing niche or target audience effectively.


Circles or Organizing People in your contact at this networking website.

Whence you follow a person you can place the cursor on link to get an option for adding him or her into a niche called circle. This way your marketing content will be served to the right audience. This will be effective targeting as the content will not go to an uninterested person. The closed group of people addressed by their niche is called a Circle

Creating New Circles

When you click on the three dots on the top right hand side you will get an option for circle settings here you can create new circle as per your niche.  

At Circle Stream you can click on a circle to see contents promoted by the people there. These posts are from the communities. There is no limit as to how many people you can add to your circles or how many people you can add in this network unlike in Face Book.


All the posts have comment and like features as in other networking portals.The plus one button is used to like posts on this networking site.   There are many other features on G+ which one comes to understand whence moving deeper into the portal. 


This is like Face Book Home where you get assemblage of all posts based on G+ algorithms. Added advantage is that you can search for niche posts from the search box on the top.


At this option you can search for information on particular niche that is present within the scope of this networking portal.


In this section you can search for communities, collections, people and pages by name or a niche. 

Marketing Tool

G+ is a perfect marketing tool as you can target specific preferred contents to niche audience thereby increasing your appeal, online reputation and effective conversations.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Harnessing The Power of Social Media Marketing

Online marketing or business is one of the key features that help expand business. Albeit those already established in business are in a state of complacency. Little do they know that many business sectors will have to go online sooner than later.   

For many companies Google Adwords is one quick solution for getting business leads. However this is a myopic solution often on advise of some foolish managers. But those who can afford Adwords should at the same time be part of online marketing and search engine optimization.    

A professional digital agency will charge for the marketing services and also consume time. But this is the best way moving forward for big or small companies. Organic listings are the listings you see on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) on response to the search term you type on the Google search window in the browser. The listing comes due to search engine optimization a part of greater Internet Marketing Campaign.  All these activities are part of job of an experienced Internet Marketer or Seo Consultant. Choose a service provider who is good in both. 

For Internet or Digital Marketing understanding the social media becomes important. The Social media platforms like Face Book, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn and Blogspot are tools for promoting contents on the Internet. Contents which promote your business as well as spread contact details.     

Hence content writing is one of the key abilities that an Internet Marketing specialist should have.  Or the team should comprise of at least one content writer besides web designers, programmers, coders system administrators and so on. 

Enhancing your presence on Social Media on a particular niche that favors you is the key to online reputation building.  This is usually done by tweets, blog entries and facebook activities. All activities should highlight your expertise and experience and also your activities related to the profession. As more and more people get attracted towards you, online reputation builds up. You are the master of the field that is the message that should go to the users of social media.

Interactive contents comprises of good write up, videos and images to attract readers or regular visitors thus enhancing you goal of achieving stardom on the Internet.             

Hence businesses, professionals in various fields should not shy away from online activities. Social Media is a prerequisite for success anywhere anytime in any field. Hence if you cannot be in it, hire someone or if you have the time learn Digital Marketing join my classes in Jabalpur in India. 
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